My mom, a full blooded Mexican married to a full blooded Filipino, dedicated much of her life to her little bubble of happiness – her family. It is with great love and honor that I dedicate this piece to my mother, the woman who taught me what (and how) it is to be a mother.


Long before my daughter was born it came to me that motherhood is a sacred journey. Reflecting upon my own mother’s example towards us, her 7 children (and even a couple of grandkids), I realized that there is no greater offering to Life than the unconditional love, incessant care and quality time that a mother gives to her child. (no matter how much or little it is)
Motherhood birthed in me the awakening of Shakti and the embodiment of the Divine Feminine.
Shakti is the Great Creative Energy that drives us both man and woman.
Deep inside every human is an amazing power to create….but deep within every Woman, is a Sacred Space where miracles happen – the greatest of which is the Miracle of Life.


Every day a mother is born to the child that comes to awaken her. Whilst still within, the babe stirs an ancient power in her womb – nest of all creation, to come forth to full bloom. This is the calling to Divine Motherhood, the noblest path in the way of the Divine Feminine. 
But what is the Divine Feminine? In a male-dominated society whose systems and structures were made by men formen, during these times – the one that we are living in – when women are breaking through in every field and endeavor, it is of utmost importance that we REMEMBER what it is all about.


The Divine Feminine, an ancient knowledge pre-dating any man-made religion or philosophy, refers to the ever-present force the fuels all creation. It’s your drive. It’s your passion. It is what brings you joy, but at the same time it is also what brings you sadness.
As compared to masculine divinity, which tends towards quiet stillness for the attainment of consciousness, the female aspect of the divine connotes flowing with the cycles of nature – fertilization, gestation, birth, growth and maturation, death and transcendence and then re-birth. It is a strong and dynamic force, like the water from which Life burst forth, so that She is seen as both nurturer and destroyer, giver and taker. Her embodiment refers to the manifestation of one’s dreams and pursuits through a natural creative process.
Now that the world is awakening to new paradigms, it is important for us women to remember that we have this innate power in each of us, not only to nurture life in the form of our biological children, but also through any creative project that our soul yearns to share and put out there. These are also our “babies” – all the projects that you can possibly think of…because they are also endeavors that we are mothering into being.


I don’t remember when I started thinking this…but I honestly I don’t think that every woman is meant to be a mother. Not every woman wants to be one even if society insists otherwise! But when she does become one, she bears a great responsibility – for she molds the mind and Spirit of the next generation of mothers and fathers of the human race.
Regardless of whether you are a biological mother (and actually, even if you not a woman), the Divine Feminine lives in you and all that you do. Embrace her! Reconnect with your mother, the Earth, and know that everything in nature, that which you are just another part of, evolves; and sometimes, in revolutionary ways.
Wake up, Woman! Now..2012..is YOUR time!

Claim it!