What is the Seventh Moon?

Year of the Blue Resonant Storm. Moon 7. Dali 8. White Cosmic Wizard (1.17.2013)

So I’m part of this mentoring group being led THE A-may-zZzingsound healer Lev Natan, and on one thread in the beautiful tapestry we are creating on the Noosphere (as we connect on the internet via a Google e-group) I was asked “what is the seventh moon?”
(Backtrack a little bit…)
I was asked this because I had just previously mentioned that on the 13 moon synchrometer (aka alternative to the gregorian calendar), we started a new moon (aka month) on January 10th; plus I also shared my reflections from the previous moon.
Here is what I said:
The 6th moon ended on Jan 9th and the 7th started on Jan 10th. It will end on Feb 6th.
To give you a bit of a background:
Every moon is made up of 28 days, so in 1 year there are 13 moons (13 moons of 28 days=364 days), plus one Day Out of Time where we celebrate Time as a function of a cyclic measure, just like everything in Nature, which makes it (Time), and what you make of it, a Work of Art. ❤
You can also look at the Day Out of Time (always July 25th) as a day set aside to take time, out of Time, to celebrate and share Universal Love and forgiveness. 🙂
Every moon is governed by one of the 13 Galactic Tones that describe the processes of cosmic creation. (Ok…I know that part sounded a bit coocky, but please stay with me for a bit more…)
As this is an alternative to the current gregorian calendar, I just look at this as naming the moons…so instead of the first month being January; it is called Magnetic Moon of Purpose, etc. Each moon has a totem animal, and also a question that helps us keep the function of each tone in mind throughout the rest of the moon. (Or at least that’s what I use the question for! 🙂 )
The seventh moon is called the Resonant Moon of Attunement, the totem animal is a monkey and the question is “How can I attune my service to others?”

According to the Dreamspell software that I use (download it for free here, scroll down to where it says “13 moon Dreamspell calendar software”):

The seventh tone, being central to the power of thirteen, “is an opportunity to draw inspiration from the Source by calling for an alignment to one’s higher aspects, dreams or visions. By acknowledging that as human beings we are products of creation from the original Source of Life, we realize that we are ourselves channels for this same creative spirit. In becoming aware of the different vibrations and energies that we come into contact with and which affect us daily, we can become more discerning of which ones serve us and which ones do not. In refining our sensitivity to resonant energies, a state of attunement is achieved, inspiration flows freely to us, and we become vessels for the fulfillment of our Ultimate Creative Potential.”
* big breath *
I know…that was huge, wasn’t it? 🙂 But even if you don’t use the synchrometer, didn’t it feel good to just read that? ❤ Like, wouldn't it be cool if you could feel “attuned” throughout the month? I'm not a expert on this stuff, but its pretty inspiring if you ask me. 🙂

To better engage all this I have this mini-project of answering this moonly question on a daily basis, in the hopes of embodying all this “channeling of the same creative spirit and fulfillment of our Ultimate Creative Potential” stuff in a more practical manner. 🙂

As you know, no matter how routinary your life can be, every day is different than the one before. So to give you a more concrete example of how I go about this, here is what I have so for for this month: (We are on the first day of the second week of the seventh moon, by the way, so there will only be seven. Wanna see my mini-reflections for the sixth moon…see here.)

How can I attune my service to others?

day 1/1.10.2013: Align yourself with fresh perspectives and choose a more empowering way to look a the shit in your life 🙂Ok…I know this a bit intense for the first day reflection, but this was the day after I had a shocking/not-surprising conversation with my baby-daddy. Trust me…this was a very empowering way to deal with it. 🙂

day 2/1.11.2013: Smile, to strangers too 😉

day 3/1.12.2013: Remain connected with your champions and cheerleaders ❤re-connected with my Soul Sister/Professional Friend aka lifestyle coach T. Check her out here.

day 4/1.13.2013: Nap when needed you can’t be compassionate if you are exhausted, according to Laura Cornell of divinefeminineyoga.com

day 5/1.14.2013: Re-connect to the Grid of Lifewhale watching with Ananta Malaya & Artyom!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

day 6/1.15.2013: Spread the Love like growing myceliumshared my whale watching experience with my mentoring group, which was very well-received 🙂

day 7/1.16.2013: Find your Voice, clear your throat, and keep on transmitting from the Frequency of Lovewrote a Soulful journal entry, which flowed to the start of this blogpost 

Woohoo for the rest of the moon! ❤