humming along Life’s tracks

What synchronicity has there been in my Life as I spiral back into dancing through life!

I’m falling in Love with that feeling when you stretch yourSelf to your limits!
I don’t know, but there’s something about that pleasurable pain of sorts…like breathing into an Unknown Asana.

Gregorian sunday (aka Kali in 13-moon speak) is the day I work at the office from 7a-1p. For a number of reasons (getting off late the night before, already waking up while its still dark to get ready, being too lazy to move since its cold etc), I don’t usually meditate/stretch/journal to start off my day.
Boo me, I know. :S

missing the Sun at the old place

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but the new place doesn’t get as much Sun as the old one, so my daily morning practice has been thrown off-course and has been virtually non-existent for about a week now.
(Again, boo me!)

Perhaps it is me still settling in, but I haven’t been able to sleep well in my own room these days (sleeping beside my Ananta Malaya is Eternal Bliss though!)…plus, below my window the neighbor has a lamp they keep turned on all night and the light reflects into my wall, and of course into my sleepy eyes.

ab ab ab

Last Kali, once again I couldn’t quite sleep, so at 4.20am I decided to get up and start my day.


I started out with gentle humming…

Mentally activating each power center, I spiralled through the body then finally settled in the chakra corresponding to Kali, the sacrum – home of Yoni, Sacred Space from where Shakti births forth.

I took the Rainbow Bridge inside of me, and made it bigger and brighter with each breath I took…first through parts of my body, then my little family, the neighbors, the entire block (my mom and brother live on the next street), the colonia, city, state, country, continent, and out across the Pacific…back to the land where I was born, and beyond. (all this with a slight smile on my face)

I sat in Expansive Silence for a while.  Then slowly, I saluted the Sun (3 times), and honored the Moon once…
I was to meet a friend online at 6am my time (8pm hers), but she cancelled at the last minute as she was comin down with a flu of sorts (poor baby!). I sent her Love & green, healing Light, and lay in Savasana for a bit more.

As always, the sky was still sprinkled with stars when I went off to work. I left even earlier still that day, but I felt like everything was Right On Time. I felt so in-tune to the perfection of the moment…it was Divine!

Usually I walk to the bus stop that’s on the main street where more traffic passes by…but since it was early, I thought I could wait by the tree at the bus stop. There is a street lamp there…so might as well write in my journal instead of The Box (aka, office), which was my original plan.

I wrote a direct line to Hunab Ku, the Great Goddess and to my Highest Self (My Own Personal Trinity), but not before grounding to Mama Earth.

It was incredible!

Right at the foot of that Tree At The Bus Stop (didn’t hear its name…not that I asked anyway :S), a fallen black bird lay, lifeless.
I think it was a pigeon…it was too dark to know for sure.

So chanting and singing the oracle of the day for my dead Brother-Bird’s offering, I raised my hands to the Heavens as I held on to my sister the Tree, then I saw a Star twinkling right above me.

Calling to the Star-People, our ancestors, I gently whispered a prayer of thanks, and surrender.

Let me by thy channel, Lord!


This body is your vehicle

3-dimensional spacesuit


To say that the day went well is an understatement. I never felt so in sync to my own life’s rhythm, but also to the Grid of Life.

As in all cycles however, eventually everything went to shit.J

In retrospect…I realize that it was due to wasting primal Shakti energy because of either uncontrollable desire/conditioned behaviour.
(I know…boo me. :S But at least I know what caused the break-up with that Celestial Current, right?)
ab ab ab

Yesterday I woke up to this: 2 horses grazing at the garden in front the new place (strange but very cool)…

And today…reflecting on what really entrains me to being a Better Me…here is what I got:

Transmission for the Week:
You are exactly where you have to be…(don’t worry)

The Time
Yoga is Life

~ breathe ~
               S  T  R  E  T  C  H