I Believe In…

Eighth Moon: Galactic Moon of Integrity (February 7-March 6)
Do I live what I believe?                                                                   Totem animal: Hawk
To answer this question of whether or not I was living what I believe…first I had to ask myself “What DO I believe?” Let me tell you…it was not the easiest question to answer on a daily basis. J
1. My Emotions – Come into terms with your feelings, but don’t drown in them
2. Communication – Say what you feel, or try to at least J
3. The good that Change can bring – Move to a better place (apartment-wise)…even if you don’t have any furniture! J
4. The Wisdom of the Song of Silence – Be still amidst all the changes and movement in your Life
5. The Growth that comes from Letting Go –  Slowly sift through your stuff and disengage with what no longer serves you­
6. The Medicine that comes from your Wounds – Reflect on what has hurt you before, and how you are now stronger because of all of (that sh)it
7. Getting your Shit together J
8. Love – Feel, receive and give Love ❤ (Received a flower for Valentine’s Day, for the first time ever!)
9. The Transmissions I receive – tip: write them down right away so you don’t forget in the mundaneness of your day
10. Synchronicity – there is no such thing as coincidence!
11. The wonders of starting your day right –got up at 4.20am and, for the first time since the Move…meditated, then worked, napped, and went to a cocktail party until 10pm (partying gets redefined once you become a parent J)
12. What makes Me feel Alive – get inspired and find ways to keep on being inspired (spoke to Leonie Dawson on the phone!)
13. Energizing with, and through, my Community – Medicine Circle session
14. Speaking the Heart-Mind – with your Beloved, most especially
15. Budgeting and Planning – payday! J
16. Staying in Motion – Do! Do! Do!
17. Feeling yourself alive in that Space You occupy – yummy Yoga hour
18. Strategizing graceful transitions – note that sometimes, the transition plan you came up with won’t turn out how you thought it would (it might actually be the exact opposite)…but be open to what the response to it might be
19. Getting out of your head and into your Heart – throw your plans out the window and give yourSelf time to Do Nothing…living from your Heart is much, much nicer than living from your wishy-washy head!
20. Knowing where You are Now and listening to your Self
21. Holding my ground
22. Asking yourSelf the right questions – and when you get an answer, don’t second guess it! J
23. Learning how to shift to Neutral – with all the changes happening all over the place, knowing how to shift to a Neutral Place is essential
24. Release – can’t receive anything new (and better) if you hold on to the old
25. Laughter being The Best Medicine – share a heartfelt laugh with Loved Ones (that of a child is best kind)
26. Reconnecting with What Matters – be it a person, an idea, or a lesson from an experience…re/connect
27. Being loved & supported, no matter how alone I might feel – just take a deep breath…and you’ll know it’s true
28. Letting It flow – be it Love, loss, creativity, pain, wisdom etc…let it flow ❤