How do I dedicate myself to all that lives – 12th moon insights

Twelvth Moon: Crystal Moon of Cooperation (May 30-June 26)                                             Totem animal: Rabbit
1. Ask yourself: “How do I dedicate myself to all that lives?”
2. Blog about Mothering in the New Era
3. Express negative emotions positively – its ok to get pissed/be upset…the trick is to know how to express yourself creatively
4. Enjoy exclusive A&a moments+random family times – A&a specialdate aka bday #3 salubong – (dolphin encounter @ Aquaventuras Park) + (lunch w/ PV family less Jo)
5. Make happen a Rite of Passage in any way you can –  cake+mañanitas+piñata @ Club Koala Care…sat in @ Ananta’s last day at preescolar JJJ\\\
6. For all the parts of you…realize where your growing edge lies
7. Re-ignite the Fire of Desire (to go Higher) in your Soul
8. Rest
9. Share Life experiences with a mentor/friend
10. For all the aspects of you, figure out your next step
11. Be dedicated to your Family
12. Have an official identity – officially Mexican again J (next mission – REFILIPINIZE!!!)
13. Energy flows where attention goes…
14. Know your tribe
15. Foresee the days ahead – planned 2 weeks into the future
16. Allow your Self to be appreciated and loved
17. Be open to radical new ideas of how else you can Serve
18. Honor Thy Father – Fathers Day!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
19. Love your life and let others love you
20. Have the power to change negatively charged emotions
21. Believe It IS happening – received first batch of MMV-PV posters!!!
22. See if more can be done
23. Usher in a New Time
24. Dare to be different
25. Keep on dreaming
27. Live, and let live
28. Connect with others that are on the same path

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