What is the form my service will take?

Evolutionary Erotica + Championing the Children + Natural Time Yoga
Here’s a quick reflection on the last moon (just because this one is about to end):
Last moon when I asked myself “What is the form my service will take?” it all boiled down to 3 things: Championing the Children + Natural Time Yoga + Evolutionary Erotica
(say what???)
1.       Championing the Children = Momma-Goddessing lil’A (how else, duh)
2.       Natural Time Yoga = [Pranayama + Mantra + Asana] + [13-Moon]
3.       Evolutionary Erotica is anything that calls out to the senses while stirring something deeper within.
Words. Images. Song. Dance.
Art from the Heart.
Beauty Incarnate.
(Let’s zone in on that three-some for the moment…)
Erotica has been described as an art form that titillates the perceiver by stimulating the senses. By adding an ®Evolutionary touch to It, it aims to turn One on to Compassion, Action, and a Desire for Union – to The Whole.
How do we attain such ambitious heights?
Naturally, we use our bodies. Within our Body, we open our Mind to sharing an erotic experience, which then allows the Heart to pulse at a Higher Frequency (not only through a higher heart rate because of excited senses, but also through opening up the Soul to Oneness). Then, Spirits soaring and bright, we bring that Light (or hope to, at leastback into the mundane, deep down into the raw realities of everyday living.
I may be wrong….but I think that all creatures on the planet that ever evolved always added a new attribute to their set of physical traits that made them stand out differently from the previous generation. So…if Humans are an evolving species, what new physical trait will mark the next generation from the current Homo Sapiens Sapiens?
(If you’re not so convinced that we are actually evolving, seeing how humanity is right now wouldn’t you want to be??? Since, evolution is simply an adaptation to the environments status quo for the survival of the entire species?)
To evolve, we must manifest a new sense organ…one that senses Oneness.

That’s what Evolutionary Erotica desires to excite within you…
A New Sense Organ.

This has nothing to do about sex.
And everything to do with Love.

This is Evolutionary Erotica.
Insights on the 4th Moon: Self-Existing Moon of Form (Oct18-Nov14)
Totem animal: Owl
1. Ask yourself: “What is the form my service will take?”
2. Human Relations
3. Unconditional Love
4. Collaboration
5. Connection
6. Creativity – Evolutionary Erotica poem got featured in the Filipina Storytellers blog!
7. Romanticism
8. Productivity
9. Lucid Dreaming
10. Ritual – Ceremonia de Cantos celebrating the Day of the Dead
11. Celebration & Service – pool + beach with lil’A + Divine Feminine Yoga with private client
12. Correction & Improvement
13. Reflection & Thanks – last day Tzolkin 2.13.13-10.30.13
14. Rebirth – start of a new Galactic Spin! \
15. Commemoration – Dia de los Muertos
16. Cleansing & Release
17. Re-union – Hybrid Solar Eclipse
18. Silence
19. Stepping up to the plate – got invited to teach Monday night Community Class at Davannayoga
20. Super-Woman – Ananta’s strange rash
21. Trust
22. Choice – got over teaching insecurities
23. Rockin’ It – finished class sequence
24. Rest
25. Alignment – First public Natural Time Yoga class! J \
26. Downtime
27. Reflection
28. Feeling