My name is Andrea, aka Andy.

I’m a single + full-time working + living alone with child + successfully co-parenting mom to a Little Ray of Light we named Ananta Malaya. (Ananta, Sanskrit = That Which Remains; Malaya, Filipino = Free).

I am a Spiritual Hippie who is completely into what I call Championing the Star Children (aka Conscious Parenting), Conscious Evolution, Natural Time (versus using the Gregorian calendar), Yoga, Woo-woo stuff, Words, and Making Everything Sacred.

I grew up in the Philippines, but now lil’A & I live in Mexico. Trust me when I say being here is like a time-space warp of sorts! Not only is it oceans apart (ok, ok…its just the Pacific), but there is also a 12/13-hour time difference, and even if there are a lot of similarities (both being Spanish colonies) things are just different around here.

But Here, in this blog, I…
Rave. Rant. Reflect. Regurgitate. Respond. Remember. Respect…
My Motherhood.

I Am
(Hot) Momma-Goddess
Urban Shaman-Mom.


Welcome to Mothering in the New Era. ❤

~ Namaste ~

5 thoughts on “About

      • Most definitely a silly man! 😊
        FANKS! Hopefully you will a little from all of the emotions here. Take care of you and yours!

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your little one is simply adorable. I too was a single mum for many years, and my first born was called Fran which meant to be free!
    Thanks for your follow, and I look forward to following your blog.

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