Everyday is a Holi-day

One thing I love about Mexico is that there is always a reason to party/have a long weekend/laze around.J

I started writing this on Cinco de Mayo. From what I gather, in the US it is celebrated quite massively (big parties, barbeques/carne asadas etc). Some people even think its Mexico‘s Independence Day (it’s not)…I’m not entirely sure as I never lived this Gringo-American way of celebrating this day myself, but here in Mexico, 5 de Mayo is simply the day the Mexicans kicked the French in the ass.
Another one that just passed was Labor Day, celebrated almost all over the world on May 1st. This year it fell on a Thursday (Silio, last day of the Mayan week), but instead they moved the non-working/no-school day to Friday (Dali, first day of the Mayan week). And then there was Saturday (Seli) and Sunday (Gamma), plus 5 de Mayo…so it may have actually been a mega-long weekend and I didn’t even realize it! :S Oh the joys of not using the Gregorian calendar!J
Anyway, my favourite of these last couple of celebratory days was April 30th, el Día Del Niño– Children’s Day. This is another tradition I didn’t grow up with myself, because while in the Philippines everyday there is also a fiesta somewherein its 7,109 islands, we don’t necessarily have Araw ng Kabataan. (We probably should though…)
As a Mom, it was so heart-warming to see and experience Día Del Niño celebrated! On this ONE DAY out of the whole year, The Children are so warmly recognized and acknowledged for Who They Are by all the grown-ups around them. Suddenly, everybody else aside from their parents makes it known to them that we are celebrating their loving and happy Child-prEssence Here, Now. It doesn’t matter if they spilled milk on the newly laundered sheets, or that they wrote their name on the mural wall (or tried to, anyway)…
On this day, they know that the whole world loves and accepts them Just The Way They Are. No need for correction, direction, or instruction. Just their smile is enough.
Ananta was so surprised to have been greeted by one of the cabbies that wait in line at the park’s taxi stand!My heart melted when she looked up to me afterwards, and with her eyes saying “he greeted me, Mom!”
Yes, Love. Today I am not the only one that sees You.
My wish is for everyone that crosses your path to always see the Love from your smile and Light from your eyes, and may you always live in that place of fantasy and dreams, love and wonder, simplicity and contentment.
Every day should be Children’s Day. There would be so much more joy and laughter in the world if it was.
Every day should be Earth Day too (April 22nd). There would be so much more Peace and Prosperity in The World if it was.
My wish is for Every One on Earth to always remember that this planet is a Living Being (her name is Gaia).
May you, Mama Earth, always be magical and mysterious, nurturing and knowing, evolving and wise.


You mean the world to me.

Tenth Moon: Planetary Moon of Manifestation (April 4-May 1)
Totem animal: Dog

How do I perfect what I do?

1. Keep on doing what you’re doing
2. Honor your Home
3. Spend Time wisely
4. Be Free
5. Make Time for You
6. Gather your strength and inspiration, then create
7. Rest
8. Party! J
9. Be flexible
10. Get excited about plans for the future
11. BE happy, DO what you want/need to/can, HAVE Faith+fun
12. Revel in the Mystery
13. Knock all problems out
14. Reach out
15. Endings mean the possibility of a New Beginning – Good Friday
16. Remember that you are Love, and you are loved
17. Blaze it and praise it – 4.20 + Easter Sunday
18. Hold your ground
19. Always be aware that you are part of Something Bigger – Earth Day (April 22nd)
20. Be open to suggestions/be open to change
21. Be brave
22. Make it beautiful
23. Make it happen
25. Do nothing, feel everything
27. Celebrate the Child Inside – Mexico’s Día del Niño (April 30th)
28. Work it – Labor Day (May 1st)

Reflections on Intention and Purpose

Any manifestation is an image or vision synchronized by the synchronic order. — Star Traveler’s 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, Cosmic History Chronicles quote for M10.21, Yellow Resonant Warrior:
I channel in order to question
Inspiring fearlessness
I seal the output of intelligence
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of elegance
I am a galactic activation portal, enter me.
Indeed, the days and the planets have lined up as such so that this transmission may come through…
I actually typed this list out a while ago, but only now am I able to bring it all together into this way. Not only is today Silio (the 7thday of the week), a day when we discharge all the energies built up during the past 6 days,  it also happens to be a Galactic Activation Portal – a day with a high flow of galactic energies; plus today is the same kin as one of the 13 signs appearing on the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan. (I don’t know what that means exactly, but if it is emphasized in the Almanac then it must be big. 🙂 )
Since I have been contemplating the astrology of these days a lot recently (full moon, lunar eclipse, Mars-Jupiter-Uranos-Pluto Grand Cross, etc), and it all seems to be about holding your ground, embracing change, and staying centered (which, at the end of the day, is important regardless the planetary alignments – says the cynical voice in me 🙂 ), I felt that it was about time that I picked up on these moonly posts again.
Today, last one of the 3rd week of the 10thmoon, I share my responses to last moon’s guide question, HOW DO I ATTAIN MY PURPOSE?
In the meantime, things have been leading me to having internet at home. (Makes sense…how can you be a successful blogger without having a constant connection, right? Ha! 🙂 ) First the fancy storage boxes, then dinner table and now this…I seem to be in some kind of home-improvement mood! LOL.
On the one hand I am excited about what that kind of connectivity might bring, on the other I am afraid of getting distracted such easy access to folly and mindlessness. :S
Still no concrete vacation plans as yet. 😐 The dates may change, or where we’ll go and what we‘ll do, but I still feel strongly about paying homage to The Elders…

Jaguar Moon 9 of Intention (March 7th – April 3rd)
How do I attain my purpose?
1. Just do it
2. Do what needs to be done
3. Take charge
4. Set out to accomplish what you’ve been wishing forNogalito with Miguel & lil’A ❤ ❤ ❤

5. Live life to the fullestIn loving memory of Moddie’s passing over the Rainbow Bridge
6. Relish compliments receivedSigned Solo Work contract!!!
7. Share your giftsTold family and friends about Poems forConflicted Hearts, then Rooftop Yoga with T
8. Celebrate simple nothingsFri-date with Ananta at creppes place (creppes not as great as last time, but she was Divine!)

9. Express our little Heart out
10. See the beauty of every momentIncredible sky-show as I was incredibly late for work

11. TrustMixto Temazcal with Ananta…who stayed 2 rounds and led a couple of songs inside The Womb! ❤ ❤ ❤
12. ActAcro-Yoga workshop day #1
13. Rock ItOffice-closer for the night…and aced it! 🙂
14. Empower yourselfAcro-Yoga strength training class…I am stronger than I thought!!!
15. Count your blessingsWelcome, Spring!!!
16. See the signsBonding session with Momma-San, talking about movement and such 🙂
17. Get shit done
18. Flow

19. Give Love, Receive LoveAcro-Yoga massage lesson
20. Rest
21. The key to living your purpose is giving yourself permission to be yourself – Tattoo #2…and #3!!! 😀 😀 😀

22. Spend some quality time with loved ones
23. Reach out See where new connections lead to
24. Pray and be prayed forJoined Bible study at Mom’s :S (No need to push Jesus on me buddy…we’re already friends. Peace, Yo!)
25. Make conversationChurro+chai with an unusual suspect
26. Be biologically active information (prophecy)My cumple-kin…Red Planetary Skywalker
27. Reflect on and release the pastSince the moon is about to end + I am nearing the last pages of my journal…
28. Connect with the Now and look forward to the future

Reflections on the 7th Moon

Monkey Moon 7 of Attunement (Jan10th-Feb6th)
How can I attune my Service to others?
1. Take a Sacred Pause – 10 days into the Gregorian Year, I finally took some time to reflect on the year past. It was a simple meditation offered by Shakti expert Lisa Schrader, and given that I was feeling stressed about not having done anything related yet + high season was especially busy for me this year, it was super welcome + comforting. ❤ If you have not done something similar…it is never too late! No way you can serve others if you can’t even be there for yourself…
(Take some time to ask your Self the following questions:
What worked for you in 2013/what were your wins?
What were the Dark Moments of 2013 that you would like to honor?
What wants to move on/go forward/evolve and what needs to be left behind/buried/let go?
2. Come clean – having grown tired of an internal battle about not being true to my feelings, I came clean to my Self about what my Heart truly longs for. Plus points for being truthful to one other! 🙂
3. Feel into It – more than just declaring what you desire…I’ve learned that cultivating the feeling of already being/doing/having what you desire is important. Ask yourself: how would it feel to be/do/have what I want? Its like an emotional visualization of sorts…
4. Take action – (­I am not a life coach/wellness expert nor do I pretend to be one with these reflections. This is just a way for me to internalize and express my experiences because personally that’s how I learn better) It doesn’t serve anyone for you not to evolve…baby steps are better than staying where you are.
5. Know and love yourself first – had a date with Me. 🙂 I love my own company! ❤
6. Get looney if you must – full moon, yo…woohoo!
7. Re-connect with what makes your Heart swell – after noticing how short-tempered + impatient I had been, a little bit (a lot) of QT with lil’A + Yoga + writing was in order. This is why I was born…YES!
8. Check off your To Be-Do-Have list – unlike the regular To Do list, which always focuses on what you have to do to be able to be or have something, this one first looks at who you need to beto be able to do or have what is required/desired.
11. Do your Home-work – after 2 particularly stressful days, I finally went head to head with my most unwanted chore: mopping. :S Didn’t particularly enjoy it, but felt great after. lil’A helped out too. 🙂
12. Remember what you’ve learned (and apply!!!) – re-read old journals…so much wisdom in re-visiting the past (note: no need to re-live, just re-visit)
13. Take a break – slept early and woke up “late“! Releasing the pressure to perform is a miracle drug!
16. Be brave – Papa’s 69th!!! Wish I was home…
17. Be clear about what you want to experience – Sun-date with lil’A that didn’t exactly turn out how I wanted it to be because I kept on changing my mind about what to do. :S
18. Nourish your Soul – Having learned quickly from the day before, threw plans out the window and had a great day. 🙂 Pedi-spa + wine-holder shopping + kirtan with Little A. ❤ 
19. Rest
20. Acknowledge your feelings – Without having to know why or wanting to fix it, just sat down with my gloomy self for an evening…
21. Be content with What Is
22. Honor What Was
23. Be grateful for What Will Be
24. Share your experience and listen to your own wisdom – chit-chatted with a new co-worker and shared a piece of Me…listening to myself talk was an unexpected learning experience. (Sometimes, you just have to hear yourself speak your truth out loud, and then you’ll see the wisdom of your own story.)
25. Protect yourself, from yourself if needed – Ganesha kirtan with didgeridoo (woohoo!)
26. Get informed – started big-school/official-kinder hunting…
27. Take note of who is receptive – sent out an SOS…
28. Show up for you and yours – lil’A & I checked out another school option…a bilingual Montessori that is walking distance from home and within my economic reach. THANK YOU! Loved how I was able to be more myself as a parent there…looks like I’ve found the one!

What is the form my service will take?

Evolutionary Erotica + Championing the Children + Natural Time Yoga
Here’s a quick reflection on the last moon (just because this one is about to end):
Last moon when I asked myself “What is the form my service will take?” it all boiled down to 3 things: Championing the Children + Natural Time Yoga + Evolutionary Erotica
(say what???)
1.       Championing the Children = Momma-Goddessing lil’A (how else, duh)
2.       Natural Time Yoga = [Pranayama + Mantra + Asana] + [13-Moon]
3.       Evolutionary Erotica is anything that calls out to the senses while stirring something deeper within.
Words. Images. Song. Dance.
Art from the Heart.
Beauty Incarnate.
(Let’s zone in on that three-some for the moment…)
Erotica has been described as an art form that titillates the perceiver by stimulating the senses. By adding an ®Evolutionary touch to It, it aims to turn One on to Compassion, Action, and a Desire for Union – to The Whole.
How do we attain such ambitious heights?
Naturally, we use our bodies. Within our Body, we open our Mind to sharing an erotic experience, which then allows the Heart to pulse at a Higher Frequency (not only through a higher heart rate because of excited senses, but also through opening up the Soul to Oneness). Then, Spirits soaring and bright, we bring that Light (or hope to, at leastback into the mundane, deep down into the raw realities of everyday living.
I may be wrong….but I think that all creatures on the planet that ever evolved always added a new attribute to their set of physical traits that made them stand out differently from the previous generation. So…if Humans are an evolving species, what new physical trait will mark the next generation from the current Homo Sapiens Sapiens?
(If you’re not so convinced that we are actually evolving, seeing how humanity is right now wouldn’t you want to be??? Since, evolution is simply an adaptation to the environments status quo for the survival of the entire species?)
To evolve, we must manifest a new sense organ…one that senses Oneness.

That’s what Evolutionary Erotica desires to excite within you…
A New Sense Organ.

This has nothing to do about sex.
And everything to do with Love.

This is Evolutionary Erotica.
Insights on the 4th Moon: Self-Existing Moon of Form (Oct18-Nov14)
Totem animal: Owl
1. Ask yourself: “What is the form my service will take?”
2. Human Relations
3. Unconditional Love
4. Collaboration
5. Connection
6. Creativity – Evolutionary Erotica poem got featured in the Filipina Storytellers blog!
7. Romanticism
8. Productivity
9. Lucid Dreaming
10. Ritual – Ceremonia de Cantos celebrating the Day of the Dead
11. Celebration & Service – pool + beach with lil’A + Divine Feminine Yoga with private client
12. Correction & Improvement
13. Reflection & Thanks – last day Tzolkin 2.13.13-10.30.13
14. Rebirth – start of a new Galactic Spin! \
15. Commemoration – Dia de los Muertos
16. Cleansing & Release
17. Re-union – Hybrid Solar Eclipse
18. Silence
19. Stepping up to the plate – got invited to teach Monday night Community Class at Davannayoga
20. Super-Woman – Ananta’s strange rash
21. Trust
22. Choice – got over teaching insecurities
23. Rockin’ It – finished class sequence
24. Rest
25. Alignment – First public Natural Time Yoga class! J \
26. Downtime
27. Reflection
28. Feeling

learning about Sky and Earth, and how plants grow

I’m excited about this moon. 🙂
I’m not so sure why…but maybe because reflecting on the challenges of the last in a more empowering way (by asking “How can I best serve?” versus looking at said challenges as obstacles/roadblocks) has inspired me to keep on serving…even if admittedly, it ischallenging sometimes.
As an update to the last moon…no, I haven’t launched MMV PV yet. :S
It’s all good though! I am getting help in writing an official proposal to the Powers That Be at the Municipal Hall, while I finish the PowerPoint presentation that will go along with it.
As for my Heart of Yoga essay, I am about a third of the way done…so even if I haven’t finished writing, all is welll…I am re-reading the parts I remember standing out to me to refresh my memory…so I am seeing things in a new light. I shall start reading the Yoga & Vegetarianism book soon enough though (when essay #1 is done)…it is already here!!! 🙂
No…no CSC workshop either…I think I have to postpone that one until I actually finish either one of the above-mentioned. Remember: too much going on at the same time never results in anything. :S
The wild-card was about Home-improvement. 🙂 I think I did pretty well in that department! No new furniture etc…just making useful use of the space as we have it now has made me happy + content (having little A’s work area right by the kitchen serves us well in the AMs while I prepare breakfast/snacks/dinner). I love that she gets to do all these artsy/creative/recycle-y activities before going to daycare, while I busy myself with Home-making stuff!

learning about Sky and Earth, and how plants grow (photosynthesis, yo!)…
green thing with red circles is a tree with fruits 🙂
I still need to improve on my mopping skills though (aka least favorite chore ever) :S
In the meantime, I am feeling highly productive at the office and also creativity-wise…a poem of mine got published here. Yey me! 🙂
And, since the moon is going to its third quarter and waning (a time for getting clear about what you think + believe, making adjustments as needed)…I shall be doing precisely that.
I believe in Love, yo! ❤
Insights on the Third Moon: Electric Moon of Challenge (Sep 20 – Oct 17)
Totem animal: Deer
1. Ask yourself: “How can I best serve?”
2. Pray Temazcal, yo! ❤
3. Balance: | work+play | rest+re-creation | evolution+expansion | – Fall Equinox
4. Love + pamper yourself – salon session 🙂
5. Recognize your progress, no matter how small
6. Be mindful of your dreams – dreamt about a Medicine Tree
7. Give it your all
8. Rest – took a break from after-job + Home-work activities and slept early 🙂
9. Appreciate what Life has given you
10. Be present – sweet sun-day afternoon with Lil’A ❤ 🙂
11. Go with The Flow – no-schedule Monday
12. Celebrate your learning, imperfection, triumphs, failures & evolution – last day SBP
13. Put yourself in the shoes of the other, and forgive – especially if you have to deal with it for a while more
14. Indulge – DVD night (saw Inception for the first time)
15. Get turned on
16. If you have to, write yourself to be able to check off your To Do list
17. Right Now, be the person you want to be in the future
18. Get inspired and create!– must’ve created something…just don’t remember what it was! 🙂
19. Appreciate your peers
20. Be patient and trust that everything is going to be alright – dengue scare
21. Celebrate, even if you’re late – Jo’s birthday 🙂
22. Pleasure yourself ❤
23. Take your time ­– steady saturday with little A
24. Take it easy – happy Sun-day 🙂
25. Do your Home-work – cleaned house + started essay (finally)
26. Learn from the past – re-read old journals
27. Sleep on major decisions, and meditate on the Moon and its message
28. Get the Warrior mode on!

How do I expand my Joy & Love?

By filling up your self-love gas-tank, so you are happy and have more love to give…that’s how.
Yup! I mean…how else does One expand, right? 😀
(you eat more, you get bigger…you love yourself more, you have more love to give! same banana)

I engaged in a lot of self-care/self-love this past moon…
I went to the salon, on dates (the Skype & chai type), checked off stuff from my wishlist from LAST YEAR, went to a Yoga class, etc…
Now I know the things I mentioned are probably pretty normal occurrences for some…but I’m a working co-parent (versus single mom) that lives with her daughter in their own apartment, with no yaya/maid, ok?
Not that I am complaining…I LOVE our life!!! But sometimes scheduling in things like going to the salon or getting a massage can get complicated…

Things got even more interesting when Little A left for Papi-land, and even more so when I took a break from work!
You’d think I would pull my hair out not knowing what to do with all that free time…I almost did. 🙂 But I busied myself with work (before I actually went on vaca)…and then when I finally took a much needed respite…I busied myself with my Work in the World. ❤

First things first…go to a gig. 😀
I didn’t even make it to the bar though. (hahaha!) Half a beer in as I walked down the boardwalk, I was already woozy and decided against going alá 24/7-hardcore-party days. Instead, I just sat by the water’s edge, listened to the same old cover band, and when I was done with my drink…hit it home. Definitely not what I imagined my live-music-night would look like…but, very fulfilling all the same.

Next, catch up with homework time.
Aside from being a full-time working momma with no nana, I also have this thing for continuing education (currently enrolled in a Sacred Business program, a Conscious Parenting course, plus all other required reading for Yoga, etc etc).
Suddenly having 2 daughters (+ co-parent) around for a week was fun, but it completely changed the daily routine for a week!
So…a little bit of hustle was in order…but, I was still easy on myself. Performance-level was ideal, but no pressure to be perfect. This is how you ace the University of Life.

Lastly, increase oxytocin levels through self-pampering + girl-bonding moments.

I cannot stress enough how VERY IMPORTANT this is!
Oxytocin is a feel-good hormone in both males and females, and basically it is what your body secretes when you have bonding moments with friends/family, or even with just yourself. (Wiki will tell you more)
I am over-the-moon thankful for my girl-time last month…but giving myself the time + space + resources to tend to just me was so very healing!
Some days I did nothing, other 
days I sweat it out; some nights I had ice-cream for dinner, a couple of times I bought stuff I wanted (without necessarily needing it)…but whatever my Heart desired at that point – I gave it to myself…and I am so So SO soOOo grateful that I could!!!

I am counting the days till Anantita comes back…first because I miss her so, but also because I know days like these won’t last forever.

I hope every mom (dad, and non-parents too) gets to have at least of semblance of what I’ve been living for the past 21 days…even if it’s just by taking a 30-minute hot shower, a 5-minute massage, a long, full breath…

May all beings be happy…may all beings be loved…may all beings be free.
~ Namaste ~

(June 27-July 24)          
Totem animal: Turtle
1. Share your expansive thoughts
2. Spread the Love by pampering yourself first – get a rad new do, look great and feel even better 🙂
3. Be there for a special someone’s big moment – Kuya’s prepa graduation!!!
4. Tell the world what you’re proud of – posted pics of grad night w/ new look on FB

5. Approach old wounds with reverence, and learn/re-learn the lessons from that experience (NO SHAME/DISDAIN)
6. Now is The Moment of power
7. REMINDER: Tat Tvam Asi (You are That)
8. Ask, and you shall receive
9. Value your alone time
10. Even if it hurt a bit, be grateful you’ve reclaimed your Time & Space
11. Catch up with a SSS (Super Soul Sister) – Skype date with Tala
12. Keep on upping oxytocin levels – chai latte date with a Momma Goddess
13. (just because doors were closed right at your nose)…don’t get snotty…get creative! 🙂
14. Discharge gracefully…or not :S
15. Be, with Family  – E + Citlali arrive ❤
16. Do every little thing from the Heart (THAT is service)
17. Let Love in ❤
18. Breathe…Respond…Re-create
19. Be who you were born to be – cumple-kin (red planetary skywalker day)
20. To receive Love & Support, love and support
21. Relish Family time – little A left for Gto with E + Lali
22. Know what makes you ~ turn on ~ tune in ~ drop out ~ (and engage it)
23. Sleep like a baby on its birthday
24. Fill up the well before sharing the water – before you give, you must receive
25. Re-connect, circle in
26. Make time for Momma Goddess bonding moments…it opens your Heart to the flow – chai latte date with S…afterwards, saw an abandoned/almost lifeless kitty and brought it home 🙂
27. Indulge your desires – hot stone massage from 2012 wishlist…check! (finally!!!)
28. Exert an extra effort to be of Service – 2 Yoga classes in 1 day = sore ass + legs (yey me)

How do I dedicate myself to all that lives – 12th moon insights

Twelvth Moon: Crystal Moon of Cooperation (May 30-June 26)                                             Totem animal: Rabbit
1. Ask yourself: “How do I dedicate myself to all that lives?”
2. Blog about Mothering in the New Era
3. Express negative emotions positively – its ok to get pissed/be upset…the trick is to know how to express yourself creatively
4. Enjoy exclusive A&a moments+random family times – A&a specialdate aka bday #3 salubong – (dolphin encounter @ Aquaventuras Park) + (lunch w/ PV family less Jo)
5. Make happen a Rite of Passage in any way you can –  cake+mañanitas+piñata @ Club Koala Care…sat in @ Ananta’s last day at preescolar JJJ\\\
6. For all the parts of you…realize where your growing edge lies
7. Re-ignite the Fire of Desire (to go Higher) in your Soul
8. Rest
9. Share Life experiences with a mentor/friend
10. For all the aspects of you, figure out your next step
11. Be dedicated to your Family
12. Have an official identity – officially Mexican again J (next mission – REFILIPINIZE!!!)
13. Energy flows where attention goes…
14. Know your tribe
15. Foresee the days ahead – planned 2 weeks into the future
16. Allow your Self to be appreciated and loved
17. Be open to radical new ideas of how else you can Serve
18. Honor Thy Father – Fathers Day!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
19. Love your life and let others love you
20. Have the power to change negatively charged emotions
21. Believe It IS happening – received first batch of MMV-PV posters!!!
22. See if more can be done
23. Usher in a New Time
24. Dare to be different
25. Keep on dreaming
27. Live, and let live
28. Connect with others that are on the same path