Yellow Planetary Human. GAP day (Galactic Activation Portal).

I PERFECT in order to Influence
Producing Wisdom
I seal the Process of Free-Will
with the Planetary Tone of Manifestation
I am guided by the power of Universal Fire.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal…enter me!

Solar Moon of Intention (Moon 9 of the Jaguar). How do I attain my Purpose?

It’s been almost 2 and a half years since I last wrote here :/
(I should make a tradition out of writing you on your birthday…telling you what things are like that year in your life. But I’ll write about Life’s Current Settings anyway, even if we are 3 months shy of your 7th.)

Well…it’s been 9 months after your 6th year. I’m struggling to stay awake to write this. It’s 11.27pm a day past mid-March of Gregorian 2017.

You fell asleep pretty late tonight…roughly 9pm, since we had to finish making a project of yours due tomorrow. (Today you had a field trip to a ranch in Bucerias, your 2nd…your first field trip, on your first year in elementary, was to the dinky zoo in Puerto Vallarta. Yes…we still live here.)

Apparently, you want to be a dancer when you grow up! ❤ ❤ ❤
(Your homework was to make a presentation about what profession you would like to have when you are older.)

When I was around your age I yearned to take ballet classes too, you know? I remember one summer in Virac…there was some kind of center where my cousin Bic & I went to take classes. They had ballet there…but somehow I ended up in the piano class instead, which sucked because I really wanted to dance.

You’re in first grade now; doing very well in school (this bimester you averaged 9.8 in Spanish, and 9.9 in English). I’ve decided to transfer you though. Your campus now is green and great…my main reason for choosing the school, but they have a serious organizational and communication problem…which has left me with a not-so-great taste in my mouth. You’re finishing out the year there, of course…and I’ve already enrolled you in another school where your ex-English teacher now teaches (Ms Lupita, Ceci, your sometimes nanny’s aunt who is extremely passionate about kids…she quit the green school because of some tension with administration)…but just today I thought about putting you in the all-girl’s public school downtown. We’ll see how things turn out…

Things are changing, Love. Nothing visible as yet…but I can feel it coming.

You are growing so freakin’ fast though! That, everyone can see. (You know all the swear words by now, and every time I say them you gasp in disbelief. LOL.) You have long and strong legs, wavy hair, bright eyes and the most beautiful smile…but your heart is the most beautiful of all. You are even sweeter than you were before, so considerate, so generous, so forgiving, so loving.

Every day I thank Great Spirit for granting me the honor of Mothering you. Some days I do better than others. But you are very patient with me, and every night when we pray, I thank God for your understanding and love.

Do you remember your 5th year, mi Amorcita?

We went to the Philippines. I finally circled back shortly before marking 11 years away from home (I left in July 6, 2005), and you went for the first time to my Father’s land, to meet him. He passed shortly after we arrived, but we made it on time…it was bittersweet, and you were my rock. It has been almost a year since.

We went to Virac, that place where my dream of being a dancer was not realized (I have since taken 1 dance workshop, when you were 4…it was very liberating), and you also met your aunt Bic, and her son Harry, along with Auntie Nana and Sofia’s kids, my aunts and uncles, as well as most of your second cousins…the kids of my first cousins…basically most of my side of your family, the Filipino part of you. You tasted taho for the first time, pancit canton, pancit malabon, longganisa, dirty ice cream ( ❤ ❤ ❤ ), fish ball, kikiam, and we learned that you like sopas. 🙂 You’re a great travel-buddy!

It was your last year in kindergarten Tenochtitlan too, and now that you are 6 and already in elementary, you still haven’t forgotten your crush from back then…his name is Sebastian. 🙂

You are so wise, my darling. I opened up to someone when you were 5 (he was there when you turned 6)…who became very much a part of our lives that year, except things didn’t quite work out. One day I crumbled and when you saw me in tears you said “It doesn’t matter what he says Mami…what matters is that I am your daughter.” Not a single teardrop shed after that. You taught me Acceptance. Months later, you casually said you missed him and his crazy black dog…you taught me Forgiveness.

I can’t thank you enough for all you have given me. All my sacrifices to raise you are merely a humble offering, given in gratitude for all that I learn from you, your Light, and your Love. You truly are an Enlightened One. Has my childhood ambition now been realized then? (When I was growing up…instead of a doctor, teacher, architect, etc…I wanted to be a saint.)

Thank You for Being Here, Querida. Your prEssence is like no other.
I love you always, in all ways.


What is the form my service will take?

Evolutionary Erotica + Championing the Children + Natural Time Yoga
Here’s a quick reflection on the last moon (just because this one is about to end):
Last moon when I asked myself “What is the form my service will take?” it all boiled down to 3 things: Championing the Children + Natural Time Yoga + Evolutionary Erotica
(say what???)
1.       Championing the Children = Momma-Goddessing lil’A (how else, duh)
2.       Natural Time Yoga = [Pranayama + Mantra + Asana] + [13-Moon]
3.       Evolutionary Erotica is anything that calls out to the senses while stirring something deeper within.
Words. Images. Song. Dance.
Art from the Heart.
Beauty Incarnate.
(Let’s zone in on that three-some for the moment…)
Erotica has been described as an art form that titillates the perceiver by stimulating the senses. By adding an ®Evolutionary touch to It, it aims to turn One on to Compassion, Action, and a Desire for Union – to The Whole.
How do we attain such ambitious heights?
Naturally, we use our bodies. Within our Body, we open our Mind to sharing an erotic experience, which then allows the Heart to pulse at a Higher Frequency (not only through a higher heart rate because of excited senses, but also through opening up the Soul to Oneness). Then, Spirits soaring and bright, we bring that Light (or hope to, at leastback into the mundane, deep down into the raw realities of everyday living.
I may be wrong….but I think that all creatures on the planet that ever evolved always added a new attribute to their set of physical traits that made them stand out differently from the previous generation. So…if Humans are an evolving species, what new physical trait will mark the next generation from the current Homo Sapiens Sapiens?
(If you’re not so convinced that we are actually evolving, seeing how humanity is right now wouldn’t you want to be??? Since, evolution is simply an adaptation to the environments status quo for the survival of the entire species?)
To evolve, we must manifest a new sense organ…one that senses Oneness.

That’s what Evolutionary Erotica desires to excite within you…
A New Sense Organ.

This has nothing to do about sex.
And everything to do with Love.

This is Evolutionary Erotica.
Insights on the 4th Moon: Self-Existing Moon of Form (Oct18-Nov14)
Totem animal: Owl
1. Ask yourself: “What is the form my service will take?”
2. Human Relations
3. Unconditional Love
4. Collaboration
5. Connection
6. Creativity – Evolutionary Erotica poem got featured in the Filipina Storytellers blog!
7. Romanticism
8. Productivity
9. Lucid Dreaming
10. Ritual – Ceremonia de Cantos celebrating the Day of the Dead
11. Celebration & Service – pool + beach with lil’A + Divine Feminine Yoga with private client
12. Correction & Improvement
13. Reflection & Thanks – last day Tzolkin 2.13.13-10.30.13
14. Rebirth – start of a new Galactic Spin! \
15. Commemoration – Dia de los Muertos
16. Cleansing & Release
17. Re-union – Hybrid Solar Eclipse
18. Silence
19. Stepping up to the plate – got invited to teach Monday night Community Class at Davannayoga
20. Super-Woman – Ananta’s strange rash
21. Trust
22. Choice – got over teaching insecurities
23. Rockin’ It – finished class sequence
24. Rest
25. Alignment – First public Natural Time Yoga class! J \
26. Downtime
27. Reflection
28. Feeling

8th Anniversary in PV

8 years ago today, I landed on these shores.
~ 8 ~
I can’t believe it’s been 8 full rings already! A whole double loop of years since I left the land of my birth and flew in to this magical port…
Puerto Vallarta. (Its tag line should be “te atrapa”)
How much has One changed since…
From the clueless, 24/7-partying Uni-grad (UPLB, repreZENt!)
  to the lovestruck maiden-goddess
     then Buddha-flying it (ie. butterfly-ing) to Yogini-Mom…
I honor this journey
– the adventures,
and moments of silence…
8 years!!!
I think it’s about time to go Home, no?
Pay homage
to The Roots, and The Voyage
Close this cycle and start a new chapter…
I’m curious to see where the next bundle will unfold.J (Lead me to new landscapes, Goddess!)
8 years ago today…
The next day we went to see a movie to celebrate Mavis’ 13th…we saw the Fantastic Four.
Funny…yesterday they showed it on local TV.
It’s as if things are naturally circling back to where they began and now everything is repeating itself, only this time it’s Level 2 (or watered down by the passing of days, as in the case of silverscreen-to-telly for that fateful movie).
So if I were to do this whole Mexican experience all over again…what would I do?
Ok, so maybe not “do it all over again”
Instead…how would I go about it, now that I am in Level 2?
Coincidentally I scheduled a gyne appointment today…she was happy to see how lovely Yoni is looking these days.J (woohoo!!!)
What a great way to celebrate my 8th year here!
Because come to think of it, much of this journey has been about discovering my sexuality, my passions, my (He)art, my Self…
I got my first job here
Traveled miles with nothing but the clothes on my back
Found Love
Chose Love
Was born a Mother
Yolked it up with Yoga…
So how would I go about it again?
I would honor the Goddess within, every step of the way.
May It Be So.


My mom, a full blooded Mexican married to a full blooded Filipino, dedicated much of her life to her little bubble of happiness – her family. It is with great love and honor that I dedicate this piece to my mother, the woman who taught me what (and how) it is to be a mother.


Long before my daughter was born it came to me that motherhood is a sacred journey. Reflecting upon my own mother’s example towards us, her 7 children (and even a couple of grandkids), I realized that there is no greater offering to Life than the unconditional love, incessant care and quality time that a mother gives to her child. (no matter how much or little it is)
Motherhood birthed in me the awakening of Shakti and the embodiment of the Divine Feminine.
Shakti is the Great Creative Energy that drives us both man and woman.
Deep inside every human is an amazing power to create….but deep within every Woman, is a Sacred Space where miracles happen – the greatest of which is the Miracle of Life.


Every day a mother is born to the child that comes to awaken her. Whilst still within, the babe stirs an ancient power in her womb – nest of all creation, to come forth to full bloom. This is the calling to Divine Motherhood, the noblest path in the way of the Divine Feminine. 
But what is the Divine Feminine? In a male-dominated society whose systems and structures were made by men formen, during these times – the one that we are living in – when women are breaking through in every field and endeavor, it is of utmost importance that we REMEMBER what it is all about.


The Divine Feminine, an ancient knowledge pre-dating any man-made religion or philosophy, refers to the ever-present force the fuels all creation. It’s your drive. It’s your passion. It is what brings you joy, but at the same time it is also what brings you sadness.
As compared to masculine divinity, which tends towards quiet stillness for the attainment of consciousness, the female aspect of the divine connotes flowing with the cycles of nature – fertilization, gestation, birth, growth and maturation, death and transcendence and then re-birth. It is a strong and dynamic force, like the water from which Life burst forth, so that She is seen as both nurturer and destroyer, giver and taker. Her embodiment refers to the manifestation of one’s dreams and pursuits through a natural creative process.
Now that the world is awakening to new paradigms, it is important for us women to remember that we have this innate power in each of us, not only to nurture life in the form of our biological children, but also through any creative project that our soul yearns to share and put out there. These are also our “babies” – all the projects that you can possibly think of…because they are also endeavors that we are mothering into being.


I don’t remember when I started thinking this…but I honestly I don’t think that every woman is meant to be a mother. Not every woman wants to be one even if society insists otherwise! But when she does become one, she bears a great responsibility – for she molds the mind and Spirit of the next generation of mothers and fathers of the human race.
Regardless of whether you are a biological mother (and actually, even if you not a woman), the Divine Feminine lives in you and all that you do. Embrace her! Reconnect with your mother, the Earth, and know that everything in nature, that which you are just another part of, evolves; and sometimes, in revolutionary ways.
Wake up, Woman! Now..2012..is YOUR time!

Claim it!


Answering the call of the Mother

Tonight, longer a time ago than the last time I posted a blog, I returned, this time with my daughter, to the womb of our Mother, Gaia.


It’s called a Temazcal. A Mesoamerican sweat lodge, if you will. We did it Mujer-Mexica stylee…women only.
Oh man, what beauty lies within!
This is not your regular spa sauna. Although each wonderful woman that entered tonight came out exuding so much of the beauty they already had within. Glowing cheeks! Radiant skin! Beautiful, heartfelt smiles!
To give you an idea of the magic that happens under a new moon, in a Sacred Circle of Women whose fire is tended to by two men called Agilas del Fuego/Fire Eagles (without duality there is no reality!)…we enter a dark cloth-covered dome set on the soil made with a natural material such as bamboo, clay bricks etc. Inside thatched mats lay, and in the middle: a whole in the ground.

There are four doors: one facing North, the other South, East, and then West. 

The two men tend the fire that heat the volcanic rock that will later be placed in the center of the dome. But first…before entering with bowed heads and hearts, we acknowledge the 7 Cardinal Directions.
Seven because aside from North, South, East and West, there is also Up – to the Stars, our sun, the source of Life; Down – to the Earth’s core, her heart (remember? Earth is a living being!), and then the Center – of Life, the Origin of all Creation.
We pray…using tobacco, the plant the Indigenous and Knowing People use to offer their prayers to the Source, by mixing it’s smoke with one’s breath, or throwing it in the Fire.


Before we finally enter, we bow before the door, head on the ground, and hands & feet on the floor, to humbly ask for permission to re-enter the Womb of Gaia with and for All Our Relations. Mitakuye Oyasin, so say the Lakota Sioux. We ask for all those we ever loved, all we’ve ever come across, all we are praying for – because we are all One.
This is the Temazcal.
The stones heated by the fire, the first and foremost element, represent the knowledge of the stars. Out of the Fire came the impulse To Be – this is how the stars were born, later planets, the Earth, the ground upon which we stand on.
Next Water flowed and then Life flourished…plants, animals, humans…and so we bring in the medicine – dried herbs (I think I smelled coconut? salvia?), and our tools – a pairs of deer horns for the curanderas to move the hot rocks, an animal-skin drum and a pair of rattles made of gourds – to use while we sing and chant along.
The Temazcal represents the womb of our Mother Gaia. Here we pray, sing, chant, laugh, cry, open our hearts and offer our all, to remember what it is like to still be part Her. The darkness inside reminds us of that peaceful state when we slumbered in the womb of our own biological mothers. Water is poured over the fiery-red stones, which evaporates so fast so that smoke rises and embraces you whole…the heat within this hearth heals.
This is what happens within this Sacred Sauna.
Ananta did great! She sat still, sang, sweat and slept in her first ever Temazcal. She only completed one puerta (door), we exited by the second. Even so, I’m so proud of my little Warrior (Guerrera)! It is my hope that she will grow up to honor and continue taking part of such sacred ceremonies regardless of how technologically advanced the world becomes when she is older. (Actually, the more “modern” society becomes, the more is there a need for these practices to be honored.)
Because not only do we women (men too) have the medicine inside us to heal ourselves and the entire planet – we are also the warriors that fight for what is right in our own lives. We are those that fight for Mother Earth’s life. Who you are is the embodiment of the beautiful Goddess within…this is calling of the Divine Feminine…that tonight I heard in the Temazcal, and am now shouting out to you, Wo-Man.
Hear Her song and Let Your Light shine.
(I haven’t felt so beautifully connected in a while…thank you One & All!)
I’m ecstatic to have found this Voice. BLISS!