4 years in

4 days ago, 4 years of Motherhood.
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Ananta Malaya…how you’ve grown!!!!

I still remember the day you were born…I always will.
A week past your estimated “due date” (as if you were some kind of scientific paper to be submitted, or a book to be returned), I was still very much pregnant!
But you knew better. In your own time, you came. You were out in 3 pushes…we made a good team!
I reckon the excitement of having watched your first movie with your Papi & I (Avatar) prodded you to come out…you are growing up to be quite the movie-buff just like him!

On your first year of life we celebrated you on the banks of the Nogalito River. A lovely Priestess honored us by officiating your water ceremony. You…our bouncing Buddha-baby, that same day baptized, were surrounded by a Circle of Love and Blessings from me – your Mami, Papi, your beloved family, and godparents. (The after-party was at your padrino Edgar’s pool.)

Year 2 came by quickly…no longer a baby for bidding the bottle and diaper goodbye, and yet, you were still barely a young child! This time we had lunch, cake and some pool-time in a cafe called Co-Exist. Indeed, as we opened our Hearts and Home to another, we learned how to that year.

At 3, once again just you & I, the world changed as words came pouring in. You could already speak your name, recognize 3 tongues, and you delighted in knowing what everything was. You had your first piñata party at day-care (with candy giveaways to match…so much sugar, oh my!), and just you and I…we swam with a dolphin and played at the (water)park.

This year you turned 4.

The most basic measure of the natural cycles of time; the defining structure of any natural construct.

You are now complete within yourself, defining your own reality through fantasy and play. You now bring your creative visions into existence by defining the form in which they are to be constructed. Eg: This is how the game goes – the meerkat (whom you lovingly Zorrito, when it is really a suricata) is best friends with the cow (whose name is Vaquita, of course); or in this story, the kitten hatches from an egg and isn’t born from the Mommy-Cat.

My gentle, Little Warrior…you are growing up to be bolder day by day! You can discern between choices now, and have certain preferences sometimes different than mine! How lovely it is to see! (At this point, it still is…)

This year, as you decided to go to the waterfall instead of the pirate-boat party I originally planned for (good timing though, because it was cloudy and you had a cough)…I am continually amazed at how things turn out much better than I could have ever imagined them to be if I just follow your lead.

We went to Palo Maria this time around. Walking with a master-teacher of mine from long before you were born, I thanked the Gods once again by honoring your days in the Waters that bring Life.

Hold my hand now, Little One!
   Flesh from my flesh,
      Spirit from the Heavens
   My Living Prayer and Dream…
Lead us back to the garden from which you sprang.


Everyday is a Holi-day

One thing I love about Mexico is that there is always a reason to party/have a long weekend/laze around.J

I started writing this on Cinco de Mayo. From what I gather, in the US it is celebrated quite massively (big parties, barbeques/carne asadas etc). Some people even think its Mexico‘s Independence Day (it’s not)…I’m not entirely sure as I never lived this Gringo-American way of celebrating this day myself, but here in Mexico, 5 de Mayo is simply the day the Mexicans kicked the French in the ass.
Another one that just passed was Labor Day, celebrated almost all over the world on May 1st. This year it fell on a Thursday (Silio, last day of the Mayan week), but instead they moved the non-working/no-school day to Friday (Dali, first day of the Mayan week). And then there was Saturday (Seli) and Sunday (Gamma), plus 5 de Mayo…so it may have actually been a mega-long weekend and I didn’t even realize it! :S Oh the joys of not using the Gregorian calendar!J
Anyway, my favourite of these last couple of celebratory days was April 30th, el Día Del Niño– Children’s Day. This is another tradition I didn’t grow up with myself, because while in the Philippines everyday there is also a fiesta somewherein its 7,109 islands, we don’t necessarily have Araw ng Kabataan. (We probably should though…)
As a Mom, it was so heart-warming to see and experience Día Del Niño celebrated! On this ONE DAY out of the whole year, The Children are so warmly recognized and acknowledged for Who They Are by all the grown-ups around them. Suddenly, everybody else aside from their parents makes it known to them that we are celebrating their loving and happy Child-prEssence Here, Now. It doesn’t matter if they spilled milk on the newly laundered sheets, or that they wrote their name on the mural wall (or tried to, anyway)…
On this day, they know that the whole world loves and accepts them Just The Way They Are. No need for correction, direction, or instruction. Just their smile is enough.
Ananta was so surprised to have been greeted by one of the cabbies that wait in line at the park’s taxi stand!My heart melted when she looked up to me afterwards, and with her eyes saying “he greeted me, Mom!”
Yes, Love. Today I am not the only one that sees You.
My wish is for everyone that crosses your path to always see the Love from your smile and Light from your eyes, and may you always live in that place of fantasy and dreams, love and wonder, simplicity and contentment.
Every day should be Children’s Day. There would be so much more joy and laughter in the world if it was.
Every day should be Earth Day too (April 22nd). There would be so much more Peace and Prosperity in The World if it was.
My wish is for Every One on Earth to always remember that this planet is a Living Being (her name is Gaia).
May you, Mama Earth, always be magical and mysterious, nurturing and knowing, evolving and wise.


You mean the world to me.

Tenth Moon: Planetary Moon of Manifestation (April 4-May 1)
Totem animal: Dog

How do I perfect what I do?

1. Keep on doing what you’re doing
2. Honor your Home
3. Spend Time wisely
4. Be Free
5. Make Time for You
6. Gather your strength and inspiration, then create
7. Rest
8. Party! J
9. Be flexible
10. Get excited about plans for the future
11. BE happy, DO what you want/need to/can, HAVE Faith+fun
12. Revel in the Mystery
13. Knock all problems out
14. Reach out
15. Endings mean the possibility of a New Beginning – Good Friday
16. Remember that you are Love, and you are loved
17. Blaze it and praise it – 4.20 + Easter Sunday
18. Hold your ground
19. Always be aware that you are part of Something Bigger – Earth Day (April 22nd)
20. Be open to suggestions/be open to change
21. Be brave
22. Make it beautiful
23. Make it happen
25. Do nothing, feel everything
27. Celebrate the Child Inside – Mexico’s Día del Niño (April 30th)
28. Work it – Labor Day (May 1st)

Reflections on the 7th Moon

Monkey Moon 7 of Attunement (Jan10th-Feb6th)
How can I attune my Service to others?
1. Take a Sacred Pause – 10 days into the Gregorian Year, I finally took some time to reflect on the year past. It was a simple meditation offered by Shakti expert Lisa Schrader, and given that I was feeling stressed about not having done anything related yet + high season was especially busy for me this year, it was super welcome + comforting. ❤ If you have not done something similar…it is never too late! No way you can serve others if you can’t even be there for yourself…
(Take some time to ask your Self the following questions:
What worked for you in 2013/what were your wins?
What were the Dark Moments of 2013 that you would like to honor?
What wants to move on/go forward/evolve and what needs to be left behind/buried/let go?
2. Come clean – having grown tired of an internal battle about not being true to my feelings, I came clean to my Self about what my Heart truly longs for. Plus points for being truthful to one other! 🙂
3. Feel into It – more than just declaring what you desire…I’ve learned that cultivating the feeling of already being/doing/having what you desire is important. Ask yourself: how would it feel to be/do/have what I want? Its like an emotional visualization of sorts…
4. Take action – (­I am not a life coach/wellness expert nor do I pretend to be one with these reflections. This is just a way for me to internalize and express my experiences because personally that’s how I learn better) It doesn’t serve anyone for you not to evolve…baby steps are better than staying where you are.
5. Know and love yourself first – had a date with Me. 🙂 I love my own company! ❤
6. Get looney if you must – full moon, yo…woohoo!
7. Re-connect with what makes your Heart swell – after noticing how short-tempered + impatient I had been, a little bit (a lot) of QT with lil’A + Yoga + writing was in order. This is why I was born…YES!
8. Check off your To Be-Do-Have list – unlike the regular To Do list, which always focuses on what you have to do to be able to be or have something, this one first looks at who you need to beto be able to do or have what is required/desired.
11. Do your Home-work – after 2 particularly stressful days, I finally went head to head with my most unwanted chore: mopping. :S Didn’t particularly enjoy it, but felt great after. lil’A helped out too. 🙂
12. Remember what you’ve learned (and apply!!!) – re-read old journals…so much wisdom in re-visiting the past (note: no need to re-live, just re-visit)
13. Take a break – slept early and woke up “late“! Releasing the pressure to perform is a miracle drug!
16. Be brave – Papa’s 69th!!! Wish I was home…
17. Be clear about what you want to experience – Sun-date with lil’A that didn’t exactly turn out how I wanted it to be because I kept on changing my mind about what to do. :S
18. Nourish your Soul – Having learned quickly from the day before, threw plans out the window and had a great day. 🙂 Pedi-spa + wine-holder shopping + kirtan with Little A. ❤ 
19. Rest
20. Acknowledge your feelings – Without having to know why or wanting to fix it, just sat down with my gloomy self for an evening…
21. Be content with What Is
22. Honor What Was
23. Be grateful for What Will Be
24. Share your experience and listen to your own wisdom – chit-chatted with a new co-worker and shared a piece of Me…listening to myself talk was an unexpected learning experience. (Sometimes, you just have to hear yourself speak your truth out loud, and then you’ll see the wisdom of your own story.)
25. Protect yourself, from yourself if needed – Ganesha kirtan with didgeridoo (woohoo!)
26. Get informed – started big-school/official-kinder hunting…
27. Take note of who is receptive – sent out an SOS…
28. Show up for you and yours – lil’A & I checked out another school option…a bilingual Montessori that is walking distance from home and within my economic reach. THANK YOU! Loved how I was able to be more myself as a parent there…looks like I’ve found the one!

What is the form my service will take?

Evolutionary Erotica + Championing the Children + Natural Time Yoga
Here’s a quick reflection on the last moon (just because this one is about to end):
Last moon when I asked myself “What is the form my service will take?” it all boiled down to 3 things: Championing the Children + Natural Time Yoga + Evolutionary Erotica
(say what???)
1.       Championing the Children = Momma-Goddessing lil’A (how else, duh)
2.       Natural Time Yoga = [Pranayama + Mantra + Asana] + [13-Moon]
3.       Evolutionary Erotica is anything that calls out to the senses while stirring something deeper within.
Words. Images. Song. Dance.
Art from the Heart.
Beauty Incarnate.
(Let’s zone in on that three-some for the moment…)
Erotica has been described as an art form that titillates the perceiver by stimulating the senses. By adding an ®Evolutionary touch to It, it aims to turn One on to Compassion, Action, and a Desire for Union – to The Whole.
How do we attain such ambitious heights?
Naturally, we use our bodies. Within our Body, we open our Mind to sharing an erotic experience, which then allows the Heart to pulse at a Higher Frequency (not only through a higher heart rate because of excited senses, but also through opening up the Soul to Oneness). Then, Spirits soaring and bright, we bring that Light (or hope to, at leastback into the mundane, deep down into the raw realities of everyday living.
I may be wrong….but I think that all creatures on the planet that ever evolved always added a new attribute to their set of physical traits that made them stand out differently from the previous generation. So…if Humans are an evolving species, what new physical trait will mark the next generation from the current Homo Sapiens Sapiens?
(If you’re not so convinced that we are actually evolving, seeing how humanity is right now wouldn’t you want to be??? Since, evolution is simply an adaptation to the environments status quo for the survival of the entire species?)
To evolve, we must manifest a new sense organ…one that senses Oneness.

That’s what Evolutionary Erotica desires to excite within you…
A New Sense Organ.

This has nothing to do about sex.
And everything to do with Love.

This is Evolutionary Erotica.
Insights on the 4th Moon: Self-Existing Moon of Form (Oct18-Nov14)
Totem animal: Owl
1. Ask yourself: “What is the form my service will take?”
2. Human Relations
3. Unconditional Love
4. Collaboration
5. Connection
6. Creativity – Evolutionary Erotica poem got featured in the Filipina Storytellers blog!
7. Romanticism
8. Productivity
9. Lucid Dreaming
10. Ritual – Ceremonia de Cantos celebrating the Day of the Dead
11. Celebration & Service – pool + beach with lil’A + Divine Feminine Yoga with private client
12. Correction & Improvement
13. Reflection & Thanks – last day Tzolkin 2.13.13-10.30.13
14. Rebirth – start of a new Galactic Spin! \
15. Commemoration – Dia de los Muertos
16. Cleansing & Release
17. Re-union – Hybrid Solar Eclipse
18. Silence
19. Stepping up to the plate – got invited to teach Monday night Community Class at Davannayoga
20. Super-Woman – Ananta’s strange rash
21. Trust
22. Choice – got over teaching insecurities
23. Rockin’ It – finished class sequence
24. Rest
25. Alignment – First public Natural Time Yoga class! J \
26. Downtime
27. Reflection
28. Feeling

Urban Shaman-Mom

I was reading a post somewhere on Facebook the other day…and, I honestly don’t remember what the whole thing was about anymore…but what stuck around was a comment on the post asking: “what is an urban-shaman anyway?”
Good question.J

I am under the impression that people think shamans are native/indigenous medicine men/women that heal spaces/people through weird rituals involving strange plants, songs, an invocation of odd deities/the elements/the magic of the unseen etc…
My sound-healer/mentor/Sacred Business coach once said that the word “powwaw” – which is the Narragansett (Native American tribe from Rhode Island) word for medicine man – means someone who has visions, or The One Who Dreams It Into Being.
I like that.J
(Note: “shaman” originally referred to a medicine man from Siberia, but now it applies to medicine people of all cultures.)

I guess when we talk about an “Urban Shaman” what we’re referring to is removing the limit of the shamanism to just the “natives”…because unless you were born in a tribe somewhere in the jungle/mountain that has limited/no contact with modern humanity, nobody is really a “native” anymore. (Although those kind of people still exist as well…and please, God bless them!)
I say…we are all Natives to the Earth. Doesn’t matter if you were born in the most modern hospital of the urban jungle, or in a small thatch hut in a rural village high up in the mountains.

In my case…I would call myself an Urban Shaman-Mom…because, I am – a mom, living in a (relatively small) city.

And…what does an Urban Shaman-Mom think/believe/do, you might ask?
Mmm…a bunch of different made-up stuff, that’s what!J

\ I have an altar where I pray to Great Spirit to – out loud, whenever possible. (No pics of Jesus there…just a bunch of rocks, shells, and images that mean something to me. Jesus & I are pals though!J)

\ At home, we do not watch TV. (We have one, but it is only for educational videos/pre-approved cartoons)

\ I light incense whenever I want to give thanks, ask for help/purification/healing.
\ I sing mantra/sweat lodge songs/Soulful modern music (Incubus/Paula Cole/White Swan freebies etc) to inspire/uplift/calm down me + my daughter whenever needed.
\ I practice Yoga/move my body whenever possible, however I feel called to.
\ I follow the 13-moon calendar. (click on the Nature’s Calendar tab)
\ I give thanks – daily, infinitely – for the gift of Mothering a Heaven-sent God-ling named Ananta Malaya.
\ I believe in Evolution (the scientific kind), and that as a human Being in This Day and Age, Now we can (WE MUST!) do it Spiritually and Consciously.
\ I bow down to the God/dess in me, and the God/dess in you. (Namaste, yo!)
\ I know that I am connected to the entire Cosmos, and my existence here on Earth is NOT random at all.
\ I try to make everything I do sacred…from showering, working at the office (aka the 6-hour meditation challenge), to cooking meals and reading bedtime stories, etc.
\ I know the Earth is a living being, and every human is just another cell in her glorious Pachamama body.
\ I trust in the Spirit inside my body (3-dimensional spacesuit)… and that this life is The Mother of All Journeys in all my lifetimes combined. (Sometimes part of it is a bad trip, sometimes its psychedelic/mind-blowing/heaven.)
\ I am grateful that medicine exists all over – in plants, the Sunlight, the mist of the Sea, the food you’ve prayed over, water you’ve blessed, a long, full breath, a good night’s sleep, a hug…
\  I teach my daughter to be one with Nature by greeting the Sun when she wakes, talking to the plants as we walk by the garden, being kind to animals + bugs, thanking the Water for the Life it brings, etc.
\  I celebrate rites of passage to mark our Time + Evolution – to honor who were were yesterday, and look forward to our Dreams and who we can be tomorrow.
\  I pray with my daughter at night by saying what we’re grateful for that day (she always thanks Spirit for the butterflies and cats, sometimes the worms too).
\  I express mySelf fully as much as I can…Now, hoping that when I pour my Heart & Soul out to you, you’ll one day be inspired to make up your own stuff too.J

Namaste   \

let the Child Inside come out & play

So I am only now writing about the 10th moon midway through the 11th…to say I was out of it last month is a bit of an understatement. (Manifestation is still not something I am very good at…airy Sagittarius + lines on my hands + birth chart + good old laziness = lousy manifester. :S)
In the concrete world I didn’t really call anything into being…but as I look back, I somehow managed to churn up some interesting insights from my experience (interesting for me, at least).
I realize that sometimes, manifesting doesn’t necessarily mean coming up with a solid result you can see in the physical realm…sometimes it is just having an understanding of what is apparent/evident/observable. According to Word’s thesaurus, manifest (v.) = establish…so, in a sense, manifestation can be seen as a revelation of what is being demonstrated/expressed in the cycles of your life. There’s no way you can perfect (verb, as in improve/refine etc) what you do if you can’t observe yourself and point out patterns/repeated lessons that need to either be changed/improved/cultivated.
I hope this 1.) makes sense, and 2.) you find something of value here.
Happy gregorian weekend! 🙂
Tenth Moon: Planetary Moon of Manifestation (April 4-May 1)
Totem animal: Dog
How do I perfect what I do?
1. Refine your intentions
2. Do the things you do everyday differently – this might seem contradictory to the process of perfecting something, but I figure…you’ll never know if there is a better way to do something if you keep on doing the same damn thing everyday!
3. Go beyond visualizing with your mind’s eye & see your dreams slowly start to take place – out of nowhere, decided to enter a store I often pass by, and saw a Buddha statue that will later adorn my future altar/study table.
4. Polarize, be challenged, and accept defeat if needed…but don’t lose the lesson – wrote about this
5. Its better than ok to not do nothing – Did nothing with Ananta, on her 2.11th… and loved every minute of it ❤
6. Do what is asked of you
7. Back others up when they’re falling behind – it’s not always about you and what you have to do…other people exist too, and sometimes they need help
8. Catch up on yourpendings
9. Let your hands do the healing (give a loved one a massage & write with a PEN ON PAPER) it is through the hands that we have a means of accomplishment, molding our dreams into physical form…when we seek to accomplish in service of the Earth and all living beings, every action becomes an act of healing. (Dreamspell reflections – download it here)
10. Keep on dreamin!
11. Have a relationship with yourself – dirty-mindedness aside, touch yourself for once! 🙂
12. Do something outrageous – go to the circus! (Ananta’s first ever…my first as a Mom!)
13. Reflect on your outrageousness or lack thereof – wrote about this
14. Go all out! – Dance around Life and you can’t go wrong
15. Trust your instincts (never let them take your fangs away)
16. | born free, live free | don’t live in a cage…or worse, raise your kids in one!
17. Re-occupy your body…tame those thoughts
18. Take a nap (rest is a must)
19. You were born perfect…so let the Child Inside come out & play ❤ – saw Toy Story 3 for the first time, then had a playdate with Ananta and all her toys, the soonest after possible 🙂
20. Wake up and be grateful
21. Let go of what has been holding you back – you can’t get better if you’re always carrying the weight of what went wrong
22. Be there
23. You can fly! – yeeeeaaaars after…saw Walt Disney’s Peter Pan again!
24. Imperfect = I’m perfect
25. Rest & re-connect
26. Be ready for random – spur-of-the-moment malecon-date with Ananta…corn in a cup for dinner, yo!
27. The World IS what I think It Is – everything in your experience started out as some kind of thought…it might not be the exact same thing you imagined it to be…but it is there because you thought it so. (Its kind of like a spin on I think, therefore I am)
28. Catch up with people that matter – sushi date with T

how do i attain my purpose?

Ninth Moon: Solar Moon of Intention (March 7-April 3)
Totem animal: Jaguar
How do I attain my purpose?
So in the 13-moon calendar that I follow today is the last day of the 9th moon/month. It’s called the ninth Solar Moon of Intention and it always corresponds to Gregorian March 7th-Apirl 3rd. The totem animal is a Jaguar, and the “guide question” for the month is How do I attain my purpose?  
This was a very good question to ask/answer at this point in my life… because not too long ago I started to ACTIVELY ENGAGE my Work in the World.
Ok…let’s pause for a moment…because that sentence all of a sudden seemed very vague to me. Because now that I think about it; I’m not really sure when I started to do this “actively engaging” stuff…
Was it when I first had a vision of being the Mother of the Next Enlightened One (which extended on to thinking that every child born at this day and age could be the next Buddha/Jesus/Mohammed etc)?
Maybe it was when I became a Mother myself…
Was it when instead of pushing through with Yoga teacher training (YTT) I took the Agents of Conscious Evolution course offered by Barbara Marx Hubbard, one of the leading rEvolutionary thinkers alive at this time?
Or, was it when I did the first part of YTT, or when I completed it almost a year after I started?
I first thought it was when I was so breathless thinking about how to step into my new “Yoga Teacher shoes” (you don’t really use shoes in the shala J), that I decided to get help from a Life Purpose mentor.
But maybe…it was when I was around 6 years old that I said my ambition in life was to be a Saint. It kind of still is…Mary, the mother of Jesus, is a saint, right? (I was raised a Catholic)
And what of this “Work in the World?” What does that even mean??? Why the capital letters?
See…there was something that I didn’t put in the list of the last moon’s I BELIEVE IN list.
I believe that each Human alive at this time is here, on planet Earth, for a reason. Not many of us were actually planned by our parents, but it is no accident that we are all here. Each One.
There is Something in you that, when you were born into this world, at some later point in your life, needs to be born through you.
I’m not talking about having kids (although for me, being Ananta Malaya’s mom is an essential “ingredient” for my Something). I’m talking about a Life Project. A Legacy. Your Reason for Being. A Life Purpose. Your Unique and Essential Gift. A Cause. A Dream. Your Divine Role in the World.  A Soul Calling. Call It what you want…but for now I am calling it my Work in the World.
I’m not really sure how I came to use this term, but having been around people who really walk their talk as to their Life Purpose (that which they were born for, and that which they choose)…I see how their Soul Calling permeates EVERY part of their being – how they live & talk, what they eat & do, how they pray, and most importantly (& courageously), what they do for a living is (also the how they earn a living, but what really struck me is the what). This is what has been so inspiring to me.
I’m really lucky, you know. Somehow, in some way, I have come across and learned from world-class rEvolutionaries, successful and inspiring teachers, and most recently…a big-hearted mentor that just didn’t give up on me – I didn’t realize what kind of a commitment actively engaging my Work in the World would involve! (So even while I was coach-whoring it all over the place and I almost ended a wonderful working relationship…that person believed in Me, in my Dream, in my Unique & Essential Gift.)
I’m still not entirely certain what my Work in the World will involve (something about Natural Time? Yoga? Moms & kids?)…but that’s why I’m taking the second step in my mentoring process at the Medicine Tree Center. My hope is that we all find that person/community/mentor that will believe in us no matter what, so we can attain our Purpose, step by step, one day at a time.
How do I attain my Purpose?
1. Set clear intentions – Being the Solar Moon of Intention, I thought this should go first J
2. Don’t be too hard on yourself – Have the patience of a seed…trees don’t grow overnight, and neither will your Life Project!
3. Be proud of what you’ve done so far!
4. Do what needs to be done for the day
5. Le yourself be vulnerable to those closest to you
6. Honor your past and those that have walked with you on your journey, and look forward to the future, even if it is without (some of) them – last day of Medicine Circle round 1
7. Communicate –your thoughts, feelings, and most especially your Dream
8. Learn from others who are actually living their Work in the World – read this blogpost
9. Identify your 3MITs (Most Important To-dos) for the day, and pat yourself on the back when you get it all done J
10. Remember: ONE PROJECT AT A TIME – zoning in on finishing Creative Project #1: Making Mothers Visible Puerto Vallarta (MMV-PV)
11. Keep on working on your project (no S – singular!), even if it’s moving at a snail’s pace
12. Give yourself a break and enjoy your day off! – michelada de camaron, yo!J
13. Be financially responsible
14. Prize your efforts
15. Follow UP!
16. Meditate on the Light in you
17. Admit when you’re burnt-out and take steps to nurture yourself ❤ – a better version of this is: take care of yourself so you don’t get burn-out!
18. Get emotionally connected to your goals so they’re not just something to check off your To Do list – that was my take away from a session with Mommy Coach T
19. To generate excitement (yours and theirs), update others on your projects – after gaining momentum on MMV-PV, posted on its FB wall
20. Let others help you, eve in you don’t ask out right
21. Bask in the Moonlight – slept on my Yoga mat, under the light of Grandmother Moon…o yeah! J
22. Don’t be scared to take the second step – Heart Transmission received after Sacred Business Intensive Webinar #2
23. Let your Work in the World permeate your daily life – from the time you wake up, on the bus, during your day job (if you’re still not fully immersed in your Work in the World), and until the moment you sleep…
24. Talk about your Vision – even if it sounds crazy (being the Mother of the Next Enlightened One…hello?)…talking about your Vision keeps the fire in your Heart burning, and just might inspire those you’re talking to
25. Take note of the messages in your dreams – dreams aren’t just dreams…they’re messages from the Realm of Mystery
26. Share your experiences, aspirations & plans, and if you must cry while doing so, let the sea within you flow
27. Its unimportant if you don’t know what kind of Tree you’re growing, just keep on tending to the Seed of your Vision – your Work in the World starts will sprout out from the Seed of your Vision…it doesn’t matter if you don’t exactly know what your Humble Offering is…what matters is you cultivate a relationship with your Vision.
28. Know what already supports your Vision, identify where you need help…and take steps to get it! – saying yes to  Medicine Circle 2,yo!