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Playa Los Muertos

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Bahía Banderas



The Moon, Sea & I



What School?

A fellow blogger was intrigued by the idea of Soul School when I mentioned it on the previous post. Indeed…it does seem like something that could be found in Neutopia.

You know that saying “It takes a Village to raise a Child“?
Well, it is one of the basic tenets of SS. Because for the school, its collaborators and the children to thrive, active participation of The Whole Village is required.
Community is key.

So, what IS Soul School?

In a nutshell…It Is an EVOLutionary Educational Center for Children from Pre-School to Prepa Age.

The Idea of Soul School first came to me when Ananta was still a baby, but my Soul started to whisper it into my consciousness well before she was conceived.

Early in my University days, I was drawn to the idea of practicing Yoga. I never did take any classes until after I got my engineering degree (took me 6 years!), and even then I didn’t enroll in that Ashtanga class until a year or two into my stay-cation in Mexico (I went on vacation, and have not returned since). This was when I had a job and the moolah to actually pay for a class. 😀 But not long after, I quit slaving away for “The Man” and went in search of The Woman I Am. ❤

For a year, I became a Rainbow-Making Tree-Hugger slash Compost-Mixer. Somewhere around that time I told my co-workers I was going to a 4-day prayer ceremony…and didn’t return till 2 months later. 😀

vista hermosa

Backpacking to Tenochtitlan, camping behind the pyramids,
losing all my stuff, finding a bunch of feathers as compensation;
walking up and down mountains,
dreaming with my Spirit guides,
singing in the desert,
finding my Medicine…
they were The Most Magical Days of my life.

plant yourself strong

desert 172 - Estacion Wadley, Mexico

As fate would have it, I returned to the city, close to the sea. From here, I walk into a New World & Being, as those across the wild Pacific hold vigil for my dreams. The Land of my Birth awaits my return…

Soul School.

We learn in a circle, from the ground UP, under trees or thatched roofs…palapa, they call them here…kubo, back home. (not in chairs, lined up in rows, with the teacher standing)

We learn to Work The Land, Hunt, Build, Beautify, Meditate, Appreciate;

Re-Create Time,
Commune with the Stars,
Feed to the Fire, Flow with the Waters,
the Sacred Air We Share.

We learn to Read the Sky,
Count our Blessings,
Experiment with Possibility,
Speak our Truth.

We tend to the Temple, our Bodies
Listen to the Voices of the Mind
Open The Heart
Free The Spirit.

We School the Soul.

We’re Championing the Star Children.


The Medicine Tree

If Humans are the bottom-dwellers in a Sea of Air,
and our planet is just another particle in an Ocean of Space…
then boy, do we have a heck of a lot more evolving to do!

Let us be more like Trees!

So unmistakably connected to the Earth and Sky,
they ground Light into the material plane
and as a WASTE PRODUCT produce Life-Giving Air
~ Prana ~
What a wonderful Energy-exchange!

(I wouldn’t mind Working It day-in/day-out if what I produced was that inspiring! Although what I currently get paid to write during the day satisfies one’s needs, it doesn’t seem to fulfill this One’s Desires…)

One must take the time to Truly Inhabit The 3-Dimensional Spacesuit though.

When you don’t…
the Body languishes,
the Heart connections are cold
the Mind is loose,
and Energy leaks out of you like a bleeding mother fucker.

How though?
How does one Incarnate?

   Can’t answer that for you, buddy!
It is a deeply personal quest and noBody else can know but You.

But for this Body,
Alone-Time is VITAL.
(Preferably before the Sun and the Little Ray of Light rises. <3)

Turn on from Within.
Tune in to the Silence.
Drop in to the Void.
This is Yoga.
~ Union ~

And this is what I write about in the evenings…
Red Ramblings.

Like a Tree,
I Take In all that is,
and could be
of Every Moment, of every day
and with these words
I ripple out my Best Desires for All into Sacred Space.

Some nights are steamier than others…
smoke dances,
the mist rises
and falls,
like my bare chest
as I try to make Beauty of it All,
even in Pain.

There is no greater Fulfillment than Birthing into Being the Divine Inside.
What Medicine do you exhale?

Reflections on Intention and Purpose

Any manifestation is an image or vision synchronized by the synchronic order. — Star Traveler’s 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, Cosmic History Chronicles quote for M10.21, Yellow Resonant Warrior:
I channel in order to question
Inspiring fearlessness
I seal the output of intelligence
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of elegance
I am a galactic activation portal, enter me.
Indeed, the days and the planets have lined up as such so that this transmission may come through…
I actually typed this list out a while ago, but only now am I able to bring it all together into this way. Not only is today Silio (the 7thday of the week), a day when we discharge all the energies built up during the past 6 days,  it also happens to be a Galactic Activation Portal – a day with a high flow of galactic energies; plus today is the same kin as one of the 13 signs appearing on the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan. (I don’t know what that means exactly, but if it is emphasized in the Almanac then it must be big. 🙂 )
Since I have been contemplating the astrology of these days a lot recently (full moon, lunar eclipse, Mars-Jupiter-Uranos-Pluto Grand Cross, etc), and it all seems to be about holding your ground, embracing change, and staying centered (which, at the end of the day, is important regardless the planetary alignments – says the cynical voice in me 🙂 ), I felt that it was about time that I picked up on these moonly posts again.
Today, last one of the 3rd week of the 10thmoon, I share my responses to last moon’s guide question, HOW DO I ATTAIN MY PURPOSE?
In the meantime, things have been leading me to having internet at home. (Makes sense…how can you be a successful blogger without having a constant connection, right? Ha! 🙂 ) First the fancy storage boxes, then dinner table and now this…I seem to be in some kind of home-improvement mood! LOL.
On the one hand I am excited about what that kind of connectivity might bring, on the other I am afraid of getting distracted such easy access to folly and mindlessness. :S
Still no concrete vacation plans as yet. 😐 The dates may change, or where we’ll go and what we‘ll do, but I still feel strongly about paying homage to The Elders…

Jaguar Moon 9 of Intention (March 7th – April 3rd)
How do I attain my purpose?
1. Just do it
2. Do what needs to be done
3. Take charge
4. Set out to accomplish what you’ve been wishing forNogalito with Miguel & lil’A ❤ ❤ ❤

5. Live life to the fullestIn loving memory of Moddie’s passing over the Rainbow Bridge
6. Relish compliments receivedSigned Solo Work contract!!!
7. Share your giftsTold family and friends about Poems forConflicted Hearts, then Rooftop Yoga with T
8. Celebrate simple nothingsFri-date with Ananta at creppes place (creppes not as great as last time, but she was Divine!)

9. Express our little Heart out
10. See the beauty of every momentIncredible sky-show as I was incredibly late for work

11. TrustMixto Temazcal with Ananta…who stayed 2 rounds and led a couple of songs inside The Womb! ❤ ❤ ❤
12. ActAcro-Yoga workshop day #1
13. Rock ItOffice-closer for the night…and aced it! 🙂
14. Empower yourselfAcro-Yoga strength training class…I am stronger than I thought!!!
15. Count your blessingsWelcome, Spring!!!
16. See the signsBonding session with Momma-San, talking about movement and such 🙂
17. Get shit done
18. Flow

19. Give Love, Receive LoveAcro-Yoga massage lesson
20. Rest
21. The key to living your purpose is giving yourself permission to be yourself – Tattoo #2…and #3!!! 😀 😀 😀

22. Spend some quality time with loved ones
23. Reach out See where new connections lead to
24. Pray and be prayed forJoined Bible study at Mom’s :S (No need to push Jesus on me buddy…we’re already friends. Peace, Yo!)
25. Make conversationChurro+chai with an unusual suspect
26. Be biologically active information (prophecy)My cumple-kin…Red Planetary Skywalker
27. Reflect on and release the pastSince the moon is about to end + I am nearing the last pages of my journal…
28. Connect with the Now and look forward to the future

Answering the call of the Mother

Tonight, longer a time ago than the last time I posted a blog, I returned, this time with my daughter, to the womb of our Mother, Gaia.


It’s called a Temazcal. A Mesoamerican sweat lodge, if you will. We did it Mujer-Mexica stylee…women only.
Oh man, what beauty lies within!
This is not your regular spa sauna. Although each wonderful woman that entered tonight came out exuding so much of the beauty they already had within. Glowing cheeks! Radiant skin! Beautiful, heartfelt smiles!
To give you an idea of the magic that happens under a new moon, in a Sacred Circle of Women whose fire is tended to by two men called Agilas del Fuego/Fire Eagles (without duality there is no reality!)…we enter a dark cloth-covered dome set on the soil made with a natural material such as bamboo, clay bricks etc. Inside thatched mats lay, and in the middle: a whole in the ground.

There are four doors: one facing North, the other South, East, and then West. 

The two men tend the fire that heat the volcanic rock that will later be placed in the center of the dome. But first…before entering with bowed heads and hearts, we acknowledge the 7 Cardinal Directions.
Seven because aside from North, South, East and West, there is also Up – to the Stars, our sun, the source of Life; Down – to the Earth’s core, her heart (remember? Earth is a living being!), and then the Center – of Life, the Origin of all Creation.
We pray…using tobacco, the plant the Indigenous and Knowing People use to offer their prayers to the Source, by mixing it’s smoke with one’s breath, or throwing it in the Fire.


Before we finally enter, we bow before the door, head on the ground, and hands & feet on the floor, to humbly ask for permission to re-enter the Womb of Gaia with and for All Our Relations. Mitakuye Oyasin, so say the Lakota Sioux. We ask for all those we ever loved, all we’ve ever come across, all we are praying for – because we are all One.
This is the Temazcal.
The stones heated by the fire, the first and foremost element, represent the knowledge of the stars. Out of the Fire came the impulse To Be – this is how the stars were born, later planets, the Earth, the ground upon which we stand on.
Next Water flowed and then Life flourished…plants, animals, humans…and so we bring in the medicine – dried herbs (I think I smelled coconut? salvia?), and our tools – a pairs of deer horns for the curanderas to move the hot rocks, an animal-skin drum and a pair of rattles made of gourds – to use while we sing and chant along.
The Temazcal represents the womb of our Mother Gaia. Here we pray, sing, chant, laugh, cry, open our hearts and offer our all, to remember what it is like to still be part Her. The darkness inside reminds us of that peaceful state when we slumbered in the womb of our own biological mothers. Water is poured over the fiery-red stones, which evaporates so fast so that smoke rises and embraces you whole…the heat within this hearth heals.
This is what happens within this Sacred Sauna.
Ananta did great! She sat still, sang, sweat and slept in her first ever Temazcal. She only completed one puerta (door), we exited by the second. Even so, I’m so proud of my little Warrior (Guerrera)! It is my hope that she will grow up to honor and continue taking part of such sacred ceremonies regardless of how technologically advanced the world becomes when she is older. (Actually, the more “modern” society becomes, the more is there a need for these practices to be honored.)
Because not only do we women (men too) have the medicine inside us to heal ourselves and the entire planet – we are also the warriors that fight for what is right in our own lives. We are those that fight for Mother Earth’s life. Who you are is the embodiment of the beautiful Goddess within…this is calling of the Divine Feminine…that tonight I heard in the Temazcal, and am now shouting out to you, Wo-Man.
Hear Her song and Let Your Light shine.
(I haven’t felt so beautifully connected in a while…thank you One & All!)
I’m ecstatic to have found this Voice. BLISS!