Dirty Dancing

Sweeping I can takeā€¦but mopping?
Its just not my favorite thing to do. šŸ˜¦

Its no big secretā€¦I EXTREMELY DISLIKEĀ mopping. (versus hate..its too strong a word)
I even got one of those squishy buckets so you donā€™t have to wring the dirty water out with your handsā€¦but it doesnā€™t really change how I feel about it. :S


the squisher of the squishy bucket

Iā€™m not sure why. It may just be a general aversion to doing housework (ha!), but at the end of the day (week?), since nobody else will do any of it, thenĀ I do.
(I may be lazy, but I like living nicely too you know. šŸ™‚ )


little things i have to up around the house ā¤

AĀ professional friend suggested to think of mopping as my Meditationā€¦the same way you look at all the work you do in an ashram, she said.
Smarty pants that bi-atch of mine! She knows I have a thing for Making Everything Sacred. ā¤

So have I meditated this week yet?
Not with the mop, I havenā€˜t. :S

I’ve written a bit (with a pen and paper). Moved the body too.Ā (more of both is needed)
But I am yet to do a dirty dance number with the mop. šŸ˜¦

Now thatā€™s more inspiring…
Bring out the incense sitcks!


when everything’s clean, life is serene


What School?

A fellow blogger was intrigued by the idea ofĀ Soul School when I mentioned it on the previous post.Ā Indeed…it does seem like something that could be foundĀ in Neutopia.

You know that saying “It takes a Village to raise a Child“?
Well, it is one of the basic tenets of SS. BecauseĀ for the school, its collaborators and the children to thrive, active participation of The Whole Village is required.
Community is key.

So, what IS Soul School?

In a nutshell…It IsĀ an EVOLutionary Educational Center for Children from Pre-School to Prepa Age.

The Idea of Soul School first came to me when Ananta was still a baby, butĀ my Soul started to whisper it into my consciousness well before she was conceived.

EarlyĀ in my University days, I was drawn to the idea of practicingĀ Yoga. I never did take any classes until after I got myĀ engineering degree (took me 6 years!), and even then I didn’t enroll inĀ that Ashtanga class until a year or two into my stay-cation in Mexico (I went on vacation, and have not returned since).Ā This was when I had a job and the moolah to actually pay for a class. šŸ˜€ But not long after, I quit slaving away forĀ “The Man” and went in search of The Woman I Am. ā¤

For a year, I became a Rainbow-Making Tree-Hugger slash Compost-Mixer. Somewhere around that timeĀ I told my co-workers I was going to a 4-day prayer ceremony…and didn’t return till 2 months later. šŸ˜€

vista hermosa

Backpacking to Tenochtitlan, camping behind the pyramids,
losing all my stuff, finding a bunch of feathers as compensation;
walking up and down mountains,
dreaming with myĀ Spirit guides,
singing in the desert,
finding my Medicine…
they were The Most Magical Days of my life.

plant yourself strong

desert 172 - Estacion Wadley, Mexico

As fate would have it, I returned to the city, close to the sea. From here, IĀ walk into aĀ New World &Ā Being, as those across theĀ wild Pacific holdĀ vigil for my dreams. The Land of my Birth awaits my return…

Soul School.

WeĀ learn in a circle, from the ground UP, under trees or thatched roofs…palapa, they call them here…kubo, back home.Ā (not in chairs, lined up in rows, with the teacher standing)

We learn to Work The Land, Hunt, Build, Beautify, Meditate, Appreciate;

Re-Create Time,
Commune with the Stars,
FeedĀ to the Fire, Flow with the Waters,
the Sacred Air We Share.

We learn to Read the Sky,
Count our Blessings,
Experiment with Possibility,
Speak our Truth.

We tend to the Temple, ourĀ Bodies
Listen to the Voices of the Mind
Open The Heart
Free The Spirit.

We School the Soul.

We’re Championing the Star Children.


Mic Test #2 – Tidied Up Shitty First Draft :)


Just watched the Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take documentary.
2hours+12minutes of my Life.
and Now
Who I Am and Why I Am Here.

Hmmmā€¦lets start with where we are:
(provide a background for the rest of these 20 minutes)

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.
9.14.2014, 10.08pm
The night hurricane Odile touches land in the Baja area. Category 4 Hurricaneā€¦a beautiful swirl of water and rain washing down the jaws of the whale. (We are in Mexico. The 14th biggest ā€œcountryā€ in the Worldā€¦on the map the shape of it looks like a whale. To me anyway.)

No rain hereā€¦we are protected in the cove of this coastā€¦Bahia de Banderas. Bay of the Flags. (an interesting storyĀ here)

I didnā€™t realize I am standing on sacred Ground!!!

Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

I am Momma Goddess.

Who is at the center of my torus?

(Antibiotic breakā€¦for nasal polyps, so the doctor says)

My daughter sleeps.
(I donā€™t like this voiceā€¦)

Hello. Its nice to be here again!
(I think Iā€™m already at 10minutes…)

Geewhiz! Free-writing, without even reading while I write, editing, or looking backā€¦.just typing down the dictation of The Moment…not easy! šŸ™‚

Its starting to drizzle. I wonder how close we will be to Odilleā€™s eyesā€¦I guess we only get the whippings of her tail.

Please donā€™t rain tomorrow! Iā€™m finally getting my 60-minute Cupocity massage at Victoria Spa!
I deserve this, donā€™t I?
A little bit of loving, in the hands of another.
So does Every body else in the World too!

5 more minutes.

Ananta sleepsā€¦while I dream (debate?) about going to Cancunā€¦to visit more Sacred Sites. Present Her to the Temple.
Meet up with Blood and Soul Sisters.
Re-connect. Re-charge.
In celebration of my 32nd.

Why not right? šŸ˜‰
Navigate The System…
Work It, Girl!


The Medicine Tree

If Humans are the bottom-dwellers in a Sea of Air,
and our planet is just another particle in an Ocean of Spaceā€¦
then boy, do we have a heck of a lot more evolving to do!

Let us be more like Trees!

So unmistakably connected to the Earth and Sky,
they ground Light into the material plane
and as a WASTE PRODUCT produce Life-Giving Air
~ Prana ~
What a wonderful Energy-exchange!

(I wouldn’t mind Working It day-in/day-out if what I produced was that inspiring!Ā Although what I currently get paid to write duringĀ the day satisfies oneā€™s needs,Ā it doesn’t seem to fulfill this Oneā€™s Desiresā€¦)

One must take the timeĀ to Truly Inhabit The 3-Dimensional SpacesuitĀ though.

When you donā€™tā€¦
theĀ BodyĀ languishes,
theĀ Heart connections are cold
theĀ Mind is loose,
and Energy leaks out of you like a bleeding mother fucker.

How though?
HowĀ doesĀ oneĀ Incarnate?

Ā  Ā Canā€™t answer that for you, buddy!
It is a deeply personal quest and noBody else can know but You.

But for this Body,
Alone-Time is VITAL.
(Preferably before the Sun and the Little Ray of Light rises. <3)

Turn on from Within.
Tune in to the Silence.
Drop in to the Void.
This is Yoga.
~ Union ~

AndĀ this is what I write about in the eveningsā€¦
Red Ramblings.

Like a Tree,
I Take In all that is,
and could be
of Every Moment,Ā of every day
and with these words
I ripple out my Best Desires for All into Sacred Space.

Some nights are steamier than othersā€¦
smoke dances,
the mist rises
and falls,
like my bare chest
as I try to make Beauty of it All,
even in Pain.

There is no greater Fulfillment than Birthing into Being the Divine Inside.
What Medicine do you exhale?

Imagination Nation

daily inspirational message 10.3.2013

Being a Mom to a soon-to-be official kindergartner (1 week to go…gasp!), I exercise my imagination aĀ lot. Not so muchĀ in the way it is described here…although, to apply it in this manner has also proven to be…healing. šŸ™‚

What is meditation,Ā butĀ a little bit of imagination in action?

What is healing, but a little bit of loving with all of your Heart, Mind and Soul?

Here is the original picture used for the lovely message shared by the Humanity’s Team via their Daily Inspirational Message project. (You can subscribe to it throughĀ this link.)


Taken in Chamela, Mexico, back in 2007 (April 7th).

Walking down memory lane is Medicine…but so is continuing to write the story of one that never actually ended in the first place.





First-time Parent to a Kinder-going Kid

So the other day I found out that enrollment for first-time kindergartners was last weekā€¦
( First-time parent to a kinder-going kidā€¦BIG FAIL. :S )

Of course I kicked myself for a couple of hours that day, even lashing out on my mom when she asked ā€œhow could you forget?ā€œ (Sorry Ma! And yeah, good questionā€¦how?!?!) Heaven knows I begged all the angelsā€™ for their help as I moved around my work schedule the next day so I could talk the directress into accepting Ananta…but eventually I forgot about the whole fiascoĀ as I played around with my Spiritual Mandala. ā¤


At some point that evening I remembered what happenedā€¦andĀ had to laugh out loud (literally) when I logged on to FB and first saw this photo on my feed:




I loved the humor and timing of it all, butĀ the message from the Universe was loud and clearā€¦CHILL. TRUST. ITS ALL GO(O)D.


The next day (which I later learned was the last of the school year), I dressed up as respectably as possible for the summer heat, and marched over to Jardin de NiƱos Tenochtitlan. Despite it being public, I always had a good feeling about the place because of its name, and also because it is a small pre-school (1 class per batch) and its super close to home (2 streets over). My other option was a Montessori school 4 streets over, but the schedule wouldā€™ve been too long for lilā€™Aā€™s first year in official kinder + they have elementary in the same buildingā€¦potentially intimidating for a shy child like mine. For a number of other reasons it was my first choice, so to say I REALLY wanted Ananta to go there is just about right.


Lo and beholdā€¦the directress was VERY accommodating. She even said that if I had not come she would have called or emailed me! (Really? A public servant would do that? Faith in good government slightly restored.) AND, all I had to do was fill up a form and that was it!
Holy shit, I wanted to cry!
Thank you Mama-God! Thank you Angels! Thank you Universe!


BIG lesson for me right now.
You are Exactly where You have To Be in the timeline of your Lifeā€¦no need to rush, or push so hard for results, or beat yourself up for ā€œscrewing upā€ā€¦there is no such thing because thatā€™s when theĀ lessons are best learnedā€¦whenĀ they came from your mistakes.


Soon enough, Ananta will be learning a whole bunch of things in schoolā€¦but who is to say it will just be from what the teacher says?
I pray that she learns more from Life than just from the books.
I pray that her teachers, myself included, have much patience, integrity and courageā€¦she is, after all, still learning mostly by example and imitation.

She is not the only one that is going to have to do a little bit of growing in the next few months…