In Memoriam

My father passed on April 22nd, 2016. Born the 25th of January, 1945, he was 71 years old.

It had already been a long time since I saw him last. I left Manila for a trip to Mexico on July 6th, 2005, and didn’t return until April 13th of this year.

My original plan was to visit later this year, in July, for at least a month. But my dad was hospitalized in early April, and waiting until then didn’t seem like a good idea.

I’m glad I didn’t wait. And I am so grateful for how “easy” it was for me to get here…from getting our US visas (from Mexico to Manila, passing through the US is the fastest and cheapest way to go) – including scheduling the interviews, having a place to stay that was close to the embassy, going around town, the interview itself, and getting our passports back – to purchasing the tickets, and missing 3 weeks of work…everyone has been so incredibly supportive and loving during this time…I am infinitely grateful. ♡♡♡

10 years, almost 11, actually.
Despite the way technology has been able to bring people living on opposite sides of the globe closer, Papa and I didn’t really form that cybernetic bond. Yes, we texted once in a while…but he wasn’t on Facebook, nor did we Skype or use any other video chat service.

Bummer…a bit.
I guess at the end of the day we were so connected that we didn’t need that kind of noospheric communication…we were into telepathy! 😉

My father introduced me to All That Is Divine. He opened my Heart and my Spirit to a realm where Myth, Mystery and Magic abound.

When I arrived we talked and caught up (the next evening we went back to the ICU, and his condition steadily declined from thereon)…funny how he asked about my trip to the desert, which was my biggest spiritual awakening and something that marked my path like no other heart-opening experience did.

I am so grateful my daughter Ananta Malaya was able to meet my father when he was still relatively strong, and not when he was already frail and in the hospital. They hugged, and talked in her mother tongue – Spanish, a language he learned when he was in Mexico, trying to win my mom over. Oh Love!

As a tribute to my first love (Papa)…a new and colorful scar, close to one I already have for my biggest love (Ananta)…

whole back

Ang Sarimanok ni Tete

Tete…the name people knew the Hon. Jose Ubalde Alberto Jr. by – my father.
A manok (rooster), because he was very much into cockfighting, and the Sarimanok…because it is a medium to the spirit world, etc.

I love you, Pa. Always, in all ways.

*Thank you to Mia Loca of Chronic Ink Philippines, for my wonderful new tattoo.